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My New Feather Kids

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After losing Purdie, I didn't stay budgie-less for very long. My daughter still had her cockatiel but was jealous of the "hand tameness" of Purdie. She decided that she wanted a budgie so she bond with as Popeye wasn't that way inclined.

So off we went to get our new friends.

This is Dante' (took a couple of days to find a name that suited him). He is a male Mauve spangle (I think)





This is my daughters budgie Mouse.- She is a female, cobalt recessive pied (I think)



Her original name was Storm but whilst they were in seperate cages she climbed around like a mouse so she earned her new name.


The funny thing is the day we bought them home, her cockateil decided that he wanted to be friendly and started stepping up on her hand (must of been jealous of the newbies)



I kept the budgies in seperate cages to make it easier to hand tame them. We did let them out for playtime after a few days and Dante' learned quickly that a stick (or coloured ladder) meant safety from the floor, Mouse however is an independant little miss and would only be "rescued" via the tiny vet cage - she would hop on the side and then hop off at her destination. In the end I put them both in the same cage as Daughter was concentrating on Popeye and I was happy enough to be able to be work around them without them going off in a tizz. Neither are hand tame yet but I am still working on it (albeit at a slow pace)


Mouse is still an independant miss but she will hop onto the ladder on occasion to be helped. She however is excellent at climbing the rope we have hanging off the play gym to the floor.

They get daily flying time and lots of lovely veggies daily. Beetroot is a fun veggie to give.


thats it for now, will take more photos soon

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Good to see you have a new friend, you can't replace Purdie but a new buddy is great. :rolleyes: Don't know the genetics but he's very pretty.

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