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Well, I've been a little shy to post my website on here. When I first started it, over a year ago, it had such little content, that I thought it was kind of lame. It still needs to have more pages added with information to help my buyers, and FAQs that they usually ask me. I have been told that I should make pages of articles and just regurgitate everything I know about budgies. I guess the idea behind that is so when people google for budgie info, my site might come up. But that stuff is already found all over the internet, so why do we need another site for it? Besides, I have a link on there to BBC, and I always tell people they can learn anything they want to know about budgies on here. :D


But people do tell me that they enjoy reading my (not so) daily updates and looking at the photos as they wait for their chick to be old enough to go home. So at least my blog page is very long. :P



That's the page I'm linking to. Newest posts are at the top, so it might make more sense to scroll down to the bottom, and then read up. But really, unless you are a glutton for punishment and want to read my endless prattle, you might only want to use your mouse and go up and down really fast and just catch a few photos. :rolleyes::lol:





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I think that it would be a good idea to try and get a focused shot, because it will mean that you'll get a bit more publicity... It's an awesome site, it's just that a few of the photos on the main page aren't focused, I'd say to try and only use the focused ones, and if you don't get any, try learn a bit of photoshop to get it slightly sharper :) Hope I helped :)

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