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Clearbody X Spangle Babies

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I was hoping someone could help me work out what sort of babies these are because I am slightly confused! I hope the pictures work, I've spent 40 minutes trying to resize them!!


This is the hen (Tex- yellow one in the picture):



And this is the cock (Sky- sky blue spangle):




There are three chicks and I need some help working out the two white ones. This one has light purple-y cheek feathers, faint wing markings and looks like there is a very very very light body colour (but it's so light I can't tell what colour!!):






And this one doesn't look like it has any markings at all and there may be some body colour but I could be imagining it:






This is the other chick:




Apparently Tex is a Clearbody but I don't know anything about the genetics of clearbodies (I may have read somewhere a while ago that it was an allele of the ino mutation? but again I really don't have the faintest idea!!)... Sky is also split for opaline but I'm not sure what that would mean for these chicks. so any help will be appreciated!!

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Were they colony bred or cabinet bred? If they were colony bred, then any cock you have in the flock could be the father of the chicks.


I don't know anything about clearbody genetics so wont even bother trying to figure that out, sorry :blush:

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TCB is a sex linked gene, and is a par Ino gene. Your hen would have passed the gene on to her sons.


I want more shots of the father as in the first picture he looks to have grey wings and a grey throat spot which could me more than one gene in play on the young.


also what colour eye does the all white baby have?

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I'll get some more photos of Sky today. They normally ate colony bred but Tex has a record of murdering other babies so we took her out two week before we put any nesting boxes anywhere so the only cock in play for these chicks has been Sky.


Also, the all white chick would appear to have black eyes but I'll have another look when i take the photos of Sky

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Babies this age IMG_0407.jpg

Have been known to fly off when not contained in cage or aviary.

Suggest you dont take these risks :)

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Thanks Kaz :) we've got the cage in our outdoor/indoor area and it has a folding glass door on it so I always make sure it's closed up when we open the cage up, even just because Sky is an escape artist!! We've had to wire the doors closed!


It's also a plus because it means the birds of prey we were getting can't get to the front of the aviary any more :)

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