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To anyone being offered cheap birds of all breeds one of the better suppliers of seeds, birds, accessories etc on the peninsula, Safari Birds of Pearcedale who has been around for 30years was cleaned out of his aviary stock by thieves & is now having a closing down sale of all remaining stock, produce etc, after speaking him today he has informed me that he is going to close his doors rather than risk being cleaned out again by thieves. gb

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okay details are as follows

Friday Night 23 December 2011


Safari Birds in Cannons Creek was broken into again last night 23rd December.


It appears it was the same people as the last break in:


Stolen was :

6 breeding pair of Alexandrine's

10pairs Violet Love Birds

5 Pairs Orange face love birds

1 Pair Pearly Conures

10 Pairs Peach face lovebirds

12 Assorted young Ringnecks (Silvers, Lutions, Blue etc)

12 Pied and Black eyed Yellow Kakarikis



Pied Cordons

Orange Brested

Jarvin Munis

8 pairs of Normals

4 Pairs of Fawn

Plus others.


Also taken was an assortment of Bird cages, New bottled Bird Medications, Calcium perches, Bird nets etc.


Narre Warren Police are handling the investigation Victoria


Any information regarding these thefts should be reported to Crime Stoppers.


Sunday Night 17 December 2011


Thieves broke into Safari Birds in Cannons Creek (on Westernport Bay) Melbourne.


The thieves cut the fences and locks on the Aviaries to rain access to the aviaries:

... Birds stolen or let out were the following types of Finches:

Cut Throats, Pied Cordons, Melbas, Yellow Gouldian's, Tri Colours, Red Face parrot Finches, White breasted Gouldian's


The total value of the birds lost was in excess of $6000.00. The incident has been reported to Crime stoppers and the Narre Warren Police.


The following night Sunday night the 18th December 2011 the following birds were stolen from a property on South Gippsland Why At Five Ways approx 8 km out of Cranbourne,

Both these thefts were a approx 20 km from each other.


The thieves cut security fences and electric fences to gain access similar to the previous night.


Birds stolen were:

1 pair Major Mitchell's

1 Male King Parrot

4 Kakarikis

1 Green Cheek Conure

1 pair Violet Ringnecks

1 pair Sky Blue Ringnecks

1 pair Silver Ringnecks

1 pair Alexanderines

6 Blue / Grey Grassparrots


Both these thefts have been reported to crime stoppers and the Narre Warren Police in Victoria

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OMG!!! I can't believe that some people have to put up with things like that!

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