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January 2012 Budgie Of The Month

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Put in your best entry for Budgie of the Month.


Every one has until the end of each month (Aust time.. Sydney) to enter a picture.


I have copied this from what Elly wrote, so it will be the same thing as before.


Members vote at the beginning of the month to chose who will be the winner.


One picture per member per month. Please remember to keep to the board rules of maximum, pictures should not exceed 480x640 AND links will not be accepted ONLY images. If this is not met then you picture will not be accepted (notification of non acceptance is not guaranteed).


Any post you make to this thread will not show up so please do not repost. Do not post questions on this thread if you have a question you can either PM me or post in the Competition Area, thank you.


Good luck to all that enter.


Winners are recognized for the whole month and a Budgie of the Month Picture (example below) is added to their signature line and it is removed after the month is over and is added to the next winners signature line.


Also note that all monthly winning pictures will be automatically added to the Budgie of the Year for 2012.


Good Luck all

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Changed year to 2012
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I have deleted the bit where it says only one member can win only once a year, everyone has the chance to win every month, so please enter your birds


Please to do not write of this topic, it is for entries only.

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*edit* seems my post showed up....



your post or photo will show up until such time as a moderator makes it invisible

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Did we get barely any entries for January? Was there a February one or did I miss something?

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Sorry haven't been on for ages and entries were right down, so maybe we can more entries and have a draw in at the end of April,

anyone interested , the entries already entered are good. have to work out how to make them invisible.

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