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My Fun Aviary


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In 2008 I convinced my father to build me a new aviary, as my bird-proofed old cubby house on stilts just wasn't big enough anymore. We ended up with a 2 part large aviary, with a downstairs and an open upstairs in the pool area, connected by 4 PVC 90mm pipe holes. It works really well and is a nice addition to the pool area :) I have budgies, bourkes, scarlets and elegants in here. I have had them for over a year, through a breeding season with no problems. The only 'problem' is my bourke parrot who is tame likes to chase the other birds away when I'm there so she has free reign of the perch to talk to me! 375520_10150653593794348_663519347_11971810_1350790040_n.jpgLooks boring from here....

405526_10150653594219348_663519347_11971814_1325947154_n.jpg383237_10150653594424348_663519347_11971817_76837490_n.jpgInside :) The bourke is Squeak, one of 2 tame bourkes I have in the aviary


Looking back - I cleaned this yesterday! So much pooping overnight!


The 2 joined aviaries... with a third going in! (not connected though :( )



Side view - I'm thinking I should have made the shade cloth neater now... oh well


The front... see the holes on the left?


Looking from the bottom aviary, through the holes into the top aviary and the pool area.




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That looks like a lot of fun, but like me you need to keep the feathers out of the pool. Cheers Clearwing

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Looks really nice :)

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Looks really awesome :) The only problem that I see is the corner in the outside part in the pool area, could cause some damage if a bird walked into it :/

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wow impressive, i wish i could do that for my birdies! looks like they would have a blast in there! very impressed !

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Nah - we barely have any issues with feathers :) For some reason most of the moulting seems to occur downstairs. I need to make a new ferris wheel for them though. This one is 8 years old and made from pine and has been out in the weather its whole life, it is looking a bit sad. It is funny though, it's like each species takes its turn on the wheel.

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Looks like a good set up. Necessity is the mother of invention, and you have doen a wonderful job adapting a larger aviary to your environment. Well done.

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I think it's an ingeniously well done aviary! Congratulations on adapting an aviary to suit the space you have! :)


Looks really awesome :) The only problem that I see is the corner in the outside part in the pool area, could cause some damage if a bird walked into it :/


Which part are you talking about? I've been trying to find the issue you're talking about but I just can't see it...though maybe I'm looking too hard hahaha


The open bricks? They are on the outside of the aviary.

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second last photo, if some really really stupid bird went into the corner it could kill itself

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The corner on the right at the front? The photo really exaggerates the angle. It is more like 45 degrees, not ~30 like the picture looks. Birds land and go in there all the time and there is plenty of space and no way of getting stuck :)

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ahhhh okay, that's alright then :)

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Looks like a great setup. Very impressive.

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