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Not New But Returning


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Firstly, just to let everyone know I am returning to this forum and am going to try and be active even if I lurk more often than not.

I also have some sad news, JD passed away in the middle of October and I was (still am) pretty devastated.

This is the last picture I have of my little eagle:




I would love it if you had a look around his very own gallery here. He was unfortunately a very sick birdie and died at the vet (after I had left). He had liver and kidney failure. My wife and I picked him up from the vet and buried him under a freshly planted camellia tree.


I was then convinced to pick up a new baby bird very kindly offered to us by a local breeder (refereed by the breeder of JD)

I can now introduce Pixel, a very chirpy, cheeky baby:





Pixel also has his own, very small gallery here

All I know about Pixel is it's a boy. I will probably be making a post in the behaviour forum as Pixel is flapping about like a crazy bird each morning (around 6AM) and am just wondering if it's because he's scared or just a baby.

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Hi Laurie and welcome back to the Forum, sorry to here about JD. but on the good side Pixel looks like a real little cheeky sweetie. Babies tend to flap their wings like that, mine are doing it all the time especially in the breeding cage when they are about 5 weeks old and older.

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Good to see you back Laurie and my deepest heartfelt feelings on your loss of JD :( They have a way of worming their way into your heart don't they. Pixel ( great name by the way ) is a real cutie and has some "swank" about him ( show budgie bred maybe ? ) and I hope he fills your heart over the oncoming months and years.



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Welcom back, and I'm very sorry for your loss, 'twas a beautiful bird :'(

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Just looked at your photo gallery. They're lovely pictures. JD looks like he was a wonderful little bird.

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Welcome back :)

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Nice to have you backsmile.gif

Enjoy your new family member, he's very sweet.

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