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Lost Budgie - Strathmore/ Oak Park Area

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Hi Everyone,


This is my first time posting, in rather unfortunate circumstances.


My budgie has left his cage, the door was left open. We live in Strathmore Heights area (Melbourne North) and accross the road from parklands and ovals. There are sooo many places he could be so I need your help.


His name is Budge, he is 3 years old and is an English Pide. He has a yellow face, with green chest and deep blue tips on his wings.


He speaks wonderful things, like " Hello, Look at you, My little baby boy, Step up, Pretty boy".. pretty much everything I say.. He is very vocal. He has had picking difficulties in the past so it is imperative that I find him to keep him on his routine to avoid stress.



We have posted posters at shops and along roads, to trees in the park and at the football clubs. I am going to do another letter box drop on a wider scale as he has regular exercise and I have faith he can fly well.


If anyone knows anything can they please contact me by PM. He will be sadly missed if we do not find him, and I know he will be missing his mum.


Please help..



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removed direct contact details which arent allowed on forumn. We use the private message system here.
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