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Anyone Heard Of Guardian Angel In Oz?

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There's a product available in the UK, called 'Guardian Angel'. It's a kind of pick-me-up for birds who are not at their best or badly moulting, and both an emergency home treatment or stop-gap measure to sustain them before getting them to a vet.


Barrie Shutt, the English exhibition breeder, had a rave about it.



Has anyone hear heard of it, and is there anywhere to purchase it in Australia?


I know Rob Marshall has something called ER, but that needs to fed via a crop needle. Not good for the inexperienced.

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Pretty sure you can't get it here in Oz...

Try emailing The birdcare company who make and distribute it..

They can tell you if available here or maybe they can send some to you.


Their prices for rest of world...40 g £8.20 80 g £12.60 300 g £31.30 as advertised on their website.

plus postage I would imagine. Not too expensive you can buy with someone else.

they have retailers in the US and Asia might be able to get cheaper through them..

Hope this helps.

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We have a similar product here in OZ that seems to be the same and everyone raving about it also



called Quick Gel



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Thanks all,

I'll look into it. I've heard of that quick gel.

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Just curious where can you buy it?



The link I supplied is where you buy it or at any good bird supply stores

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