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Where To Buy Leg Rings

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I need to buy some leg rings at a decent price, just wondering if you know if the petshop would sell them or the budgie club. Any links would be appreciated. I live in Casino so the club number is great.I would buy them in a 50 to 100 pack. I was talking to a breeder and apparently there is a site that sells the lot for budgies, i,m taking egg and biscuit, breeding cells and vitamins. Any ideas on the site would be one million percent appreciated.

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I don't know of a pet store in your area but Surfers Paradise BS isn't far.


Bob Smith that lives in Casino is a member of that club.






Surfers Paradise Budgerigar Society Inc.


Secretary: Esther PriceAddress: P.O. Box 842, Mudgeeraba, 4213



Phone: (07) 5573 2767e-mail: pricefam@bigpond.net.au


Website: Surfers Paradise Budgerigar Society Inc.




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