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Growing My Own Vegetables

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After the experience I have had lately of chicks dieing and not knowing what the problem was, I blamed everything.

Even though we found out it was the seed.

But I blamed the town water , the bought water, the bought vegetables everything.

Even though I soaked the veges foe hours, they have hormones etc in them and god knows what else.

I was even buying my silverbeet because I was out of it.


So 2 weeks ago I bit the bullet and planted my own garden, which is good because the water from the kitchen area has some where useful to go now.


punnets of corn and celery, haven't planet these yet, going to do it in minute lol






Rosemary lol, I believe the budgies like it anyway it smells nice.













More carrot



I even sowed budgie seed



It is starting to take off lovely now.

I know i have snail bait down but they are everywhere, they ate half my silverbeet.

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cool see you have a watering system as well

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Great idea splat.

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The only thing I care about that I hope grows in the silverbeet because I don't really have a green thumb if that is they saying, lol normally everything I grow dies. lol

But the silver beet is looking good.

Plus I am not totally wasting the water from the sink now because I am watering my garden and I am sure the birds will thank

me with lovely fresh veges. excess will come inside for us to eat.

Today I sneaked 4 eggs out to the little kitchen so Greg wouldn't miss them when I sneak a few more tomorrow, lol I need 12 and he won't let me use 12 in one go so I figure if I sneak a few for a couple of days he will think I am using them in teh cooking and not on the birds lol, we have our chooks 5 in all.

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