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Getting Back Into Budgies

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Hi all,

I haven't really posted much before, but I am really wanting to get into showing and am not sure which club to join!

I live near Echuca, Victoria so not sure to join a kyabram one or bendigo? The Echuca one I can't find any breeders.

I have been breeding a few budgies for a few years but I would love a few show pairs to help me get started.

Does anyone know of anyone in the Bendigo/ Shepparton kyabram or there abouts area?

If anyone could help me out I would be very grateful

Thanking you


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Hi Sharon and Welcome to the Forum.

Kyabram would be closer for you than Bendigo. And I would love another woman in the club being the only one in our club.

Our next meeting is Tuesday the 13th of September at the Kyabram Pigeon club room at the Kyabram Show grounds at 7.30 pm. come along and meet some members. Next Feb we are having a sale night, members bring there culls (not crappy ones ones) along with the price they want, they can range anywhere between $20 and upwards. And other members can buy them. The whole idea is that we share our birds around, the different varieties etc so we can breed and have more birds and varieties for the shields.

Go onto the BCV web sight and find the clubs you will be able to find the secretaries and phone numbers of Bendigo and Ky.

I can give you Kys my message if you want me to.

Please come to Ky club. lol. Bendigo have plenty of women in their club already and I am very lonely. lol

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Oh that sounds great, kyabram it is.

I am so excited now, I must get busy and finish insulating one of my aviary's!

It will be great to meet you!

I am bookmarking my diary in my phone right now!

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Cool! yes can't wait. need a bit of female power in our club.

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-_- we always aim to please here.... :rolleyes: in so many different ways. B)




Sharron, you and splat will get on great. ;)

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Thanks Daz, it will be great to have a female to talk to for a change lol.

Hey Sharon the meeting you are coming to is going to be a unbroken cap show.

The members bring along their babies that haven't broken their cap yet so under

3 months old and some one their judges them.

They have 2 classes, beginner/Intermediate and Open/Champion. I actually don't

think we have any Champion breeders in our club at the moment because they have

gone back to open.

But you will see some nice birds on the night.

Lol I use to wins these nights all the time but my time has past. there is a

really good upcoming beginner with some top birds and he will beat me hands down

from now on..

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Hi Sharron, as President of Kyabram, let me say we would love to have you join us and I'm sure we can help you get some good birds at the right price. Feel free to PM me my details are on this forum. Cheers Clearwing

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