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New Bubs

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Robyn the babies are looking lovely, love your spangles, they have nice markings. Congrats on your first Df spangle. I love the white ones.


Thanks Splat, I think I might miss out on the d.f. :huh: because yesterday I looked them over and it's got the palest mauve colouring coming in down its chest..

Spangles are looking great nice big babies. Some nice pied's feathering up in another nest. :D


Stunning spangles. It really makes me want to have some. Their wing markings are so divine!


Thanks, budgie mate I have bred some nice spangles. I seem to have a violet/mauve theme going this time.

Some pied's have spangle markings and white flights so waiting to see them feathered up.


your birds are looking great

i miss my pets

your spangle marks are beautiful as with your clear mantles on your Opaline's

would love to see your whole flock in pics



Thanks G.B. really pleased with bubs, they bred through the winter with no problems which was great., BUT I'm over my limit so I have to sell some off, trouble is which ones to pick. :(

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This is picture of chick I thought was a d.f. spangle. Visually it's not as coloured as the picture. really disappointed it's not but very pretty little thing.








and with sibling.




Sorry all !! I have gremlins at work I think, nothing is coming out right hope it works better next time

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Your DF Spangle is one, just that it has suffusion thats all :)

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Yippe !! :P :P Thanks Kaz, when it started showing colour I didn't think it would "qualify" . I have some pretty pieds coming on as well. :P

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