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Bringing Home A Pair With Eggs?

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I'm buying two new pairs and budgies and one apparently has eggs.. how exactly would I go about bringing them home eg. best ways to transport and settle them in?


Also I'm wondering if there are any chances of the fertile eggs(if any) surviving the move?



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Noone who is responsible should be selling and moving a bird on eggs. :(


A budgie on eggs will in 99.9% of cases abandon her nest and eggs if there is any interferance of her nest and eggs while incubating.

So if you move her and her eggs into a new cage and new nestbox, expect her to abandon the rest of her incubation.

New home, new interests, new food, new friends, catching and travel will all add to her not being interested in what she has begun.


If you insist on trying.............. expect the worst



and anything else is a bonus.

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I am aware this thread is from 2011, but I am in a similar situation.


This weekend I will be picking up a pair with young chicks.

I am guessing the chances of them being abandoned are quite high..

How could I prevent this?

At first I was thinking that I would keep them in a quiet spot inside, but now I thi k I will have them in my new aviary.

But I have 3 young budgies who I was wanting to have in the new aviary.

Do you think the young budgies will upset the nesting pair?


Thank you for any help!


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Will the birds be moved in their breeding cage, nest box as well ? If so and it's a quick move they may be okay. Don't know how it would go if you have to remove them from cage/nest box etc.How old are the chicks? If they haven't been in an aviary situation I'd be inclined to keep them within their own cage until chicks fledge.

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Thank you Robyn!

I'm not sure if they are in a cage or aviary, but if they are in a cage i believe that we aren't taking it. She never mentioned their living environment so far. I will be talking to her soon.

The chicks are only very new.

When I first spoke to her she said they had two chicks and 2 eggs wxpected to hatch.

Though I will not be removing them from their nest box. I don't think that is fair at all and will be talking to her about taking their box too.

It's not a very quick move.. It will be nearly an hour I expect..

I will have a blanket over them while we move them. Hopefully that will help to keep them from being too stressed.

I'm worried I'm going to have to handraise them..

It's difficult with my job.

Though I may be able to work something with the lady who i am buying my handraised budgie from, if it were to come to that. Lets hope it doesn't!


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Hi Rochelle if they are coming out of an aviary it will be hard to get them to look after the babies.

The only chance for them will be in a cage and try to replicate what they already have.

It would be much better if you can keep their box but if you can't get one as close to it as possible.

Can the lady leave them a bit longer so they will be easier to hand rear because new borns are very hard to keep alive.

Good luck with them.

Cheers Jenny

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They are in their own cage now.

She just told me to get my own nest box for them. I asked for a photo of it so I can try and get the same one, if not similar.

I asked her on whether the other two eggs have hatched and how old they are at this time.

The oldest chick is 2 weeks old and the youngest hatched yesterday..

Well. I'm contemplating.

Should I give the parents a chance to raise them?

And if it were to go south, I would care for them until the weekend where I would give the babies to a lady who is hand raising budgies already.


Just take them straight to the lady who hand rears budgies?


I will be having the pair in a cage inside.

I'm not very hopefull on the little babies making it, but I would like them to.

Thank you Robyn for your help. :)

Much appreciated. :)

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It sounds a bit risky Rochelle, the older chicks ( I think you said there were 2) may be okay. The day old, if Mum left it would die within a day, if not fed covered etc. don't know if last egg would hatch if Mum has been off nest for any length of time. With only 4 eggs it's a bit odd that they were not closer together. Usually hatching 2 days apart. So maybe don't count on last egg. Leave it in box though, you never know. Surely she could let you have the nest box. Even if you gave her a replacement box, just to keep them in the box they know without disturbing young ones so much.


Can you have it arranged with hand rearing lady, to be ready to take them if Mum decided it's all too much and leaves chicks? It's hard to tell which way she will go. Good luck with it and let us know how you go. Fingers crossed!!!

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I just asked my friend who is breeding their budgies if they have eggs or chicks, they don't have any!

I would have really liked to leave them there with her pair.

Close to me so I can check on them too.


....sorry hilly! I forgot to mention your name. :S my bad!


She meant that there were now 4 chicks all hatched but the last hatched yesterday.


I will bring a nest box and try and do a trade with her. Giving her the new nest box. Fingers crossed!

I will be talking to the lady and asking her to be on standby for me!

I wish I had the time to do it myself.

I should be able to do it until I can get to the hand rearing lady.

I might work out a deal with her.


The lady is going to meet me out the front if the local pet store right by our house on the Monday afternoon.

Hopefully I can do a swap with the nest boxes.

I hope the babies will make it.

It would be amazing if the parents decide to stick with the babies. Not likely at all, but fingers crossed!

I will be keeping you guys updated.

The youngest baby will be 1 week old when I get it.

The oldest will be 3 weeks.

I hope my little guys will make it!

I'm very greatfull for this site.

So helpful!


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Just to correct my last post and to update:

They are older than what I thought the lady said.

The oldest is currently 3 weeks old and the youngest is currently 5 days old.

She said they hatched every few days.

She said I can have their nest box for an extra $15, so I'm getting their nest box too! :)

If I were to hand rear them next week, would they still need something to keep them warm?

Or would they be okay with the warmth of each other? With the youngest being about 2 weeks old.

The others would be older..

Just to be sure.


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Hi Rochelle, I think the birds will be better off with you by the sound of it.

Can't figure out how she is going to bring chicks, adults and nest box. unless she tapes them all in nest box, which would be a bit risky. If that's the case I'd get them all into your cage, then let the parents out and pray they look after the chicks.

If oldest is 4-5 weeks and youngest is 2 weeks by the time you get them it may be okay, oldest should be feeding itself by then, leave them in the nest box together even if you are hand raising them. By then,take out any nest material and just add seed in the bottom of nest box it helps the young ones learn to eat better ( if youngest is about 2 weeks.) There should be enough warmth generated in nest box for them.


Hopefully the parents will keep feeding them for you. Keep us posted after you get them.

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Thank you Robyn.

I'm not sure how she is going to transfer them.

Is there much of a chance of the parents attacking the chicks do you think?

I'm pretty worried about them attacking their chicks. Yes I'm hoping the older chick will be able to feed itself when I get it. Bit I have heard they tend to regress when in a new house at a young age and also when handled.

Glad to hear they should be warm enough.

Trouble is my job.

My hours aren't the same for every day.

And I will have to have them in the staff room.

I worry someone might put the sitcom on and make the room colder. There is a cupboard there that would be warmer but I worry that they wouldn't get enough air... And I'd feel a bit awful sticking my babies in a cupboard. Lol

I can't have them in the room with me, for hygiene and because they have the sitcom on and the fans on.


I have my fingers and toes crossed that the parents will keep feeding them!

The lady said that they are very good parents and not bothered by anyone going in the nest box or touching the babies. So hopefully they Won't get too stressed.


I have received a picture of mum, dad and babies in the nest box. You can only sort of see 3 babies though.

The older baby looks like Godzilla in the picture though! Lol

Only because its closest to the camera.

I will try and upload the photo. :)


I have to thank you again Robyn. I'd be so stuck, confused and worried with out you!


Keep an eye out for some future posts by me! ;)







Please let me know if this photo upload works or not.

I'm using my phone.

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I was thinking too that it will be better that the chicks are older because they will be more demanding for feeds rather than newly hatched chicks that are quieter and more likely to be abandoned.


Just make sure they are not in a draft from the air con and I would keep the cage covered for a couple of days with a towel, it will help them settle in and not panic and just check on the chicks twice a day unless of course they aren't being fed and you have to do it (hopefully you won't).


Did you mean that parents attack their chicks when they are handled? because they don't, you should get the chicks out once a day (briefly) to check their feet and beaks to make sure they are clean. If their feet get covered with poop it will set like concrete and it can cause damage and even loose toes. The nest boxes will also need to be cleaned every few days depending on how quickly they dirty it. If the parents are in the box when you want to check it just give it a light tap and they will usually come out (most of the time).


Good luck, I'm sure you will do great :D

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Thank nadene.

I think I will put them in the spare room.

I'm quite worried though that I will be taking them home Monday afternoon and then the next day I won't be home until 5:30pm. I hope if anything were to happen, it would be when I was home.


With tha attacking,

I was meaning from the stress of the move or anything like that. They would harm their chicks would they? Just stop caring for them?


Yes I have read about food and poo getting stuck to them and then they can start become deformed and such.


That's a good idea about the towel. I wasn't sure if I could keep them covered or anything.


Thank you. :)


Hopefully it all goes well. :)

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Oh also,

With the feelings, would I have to feed the chicks at different times? Because of their ages.

Or would I feed them all at the same time?

Thanks :)

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Hi Rochelle, I have never, touch wood, had to hand rear but I'd say when their crops look empty feed them or they will call for food. Hopefully it won't come to that. I think there is a pinned item on hand rearing, check on f.a.q. that should give you a heads up.(pinned in breeders discussion)

Do you have hand rearing food on hand just in case? As you never know when you might need something I keep a packet of baby rice cereal in freezer. In case I ever need something in a hurry. :)


p.s. love your little family shot.

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Thank you, I thought it was a pretty cute little shot, one of the little ones snuggled under mum. :)

Yes, you do feed them when their crop entries or they beg for food, but you also have to let their crop entry at night.

Yeah I have read up on it lots of times, but I just worry with their age difference. I don't want to starve any chicks.

Are you able to use baby rice cereal like farex etc in emergencies? I never heard that. Handy! :)


We will be doing the exchange at the petstore car park, so I will be picking up the chick rearing formula then. And then if there is anything else I may need I can grab it all then. :)


My friend that is breeding her budgies got an egg the day before yesterday. I wish they laid them earlier! Then I could have popped my babies in there!

Oh well.

I'm really hoping that it all goes smoothly..

We shall see!

I just got back from Adelaide today and have been finishing up my new aviary..... Put the tv on tonight and the news popped up saying there is a possibility of a cyclone.

And my boyfriends parents arrive here in cairns on Wednesday ( the date it is expected to hit us)

Should be fun....


Well I will let you know how everything pans out!

Thanks :)

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Hey guys!

well, i have picked up the pair and their chicks.

i have 3 chicks, the 4th was the oldest and was a fair bit older than them. the mum was apparently plucking him so the lady took him to be hand raised.

well, so far the pair actually seem pretty calm and happy. they are eating and drinking.

i have taken a quick snap of the chicks in the nest box.

i dont want to disturb them, but i want to make sure they are being fed and that they are okay etc.


im really worrying about tomorrow. i will leave the house by 8:30 and wont be home until after 5:30, probably 6pm.

my boyfriend would have been home by 12 tomorrow but he is being sent away on a course and wont be home until thursday afternoon/night by the looks of things.

also, his parents fly in on wednesday and will be here for around 1 week.

and to add to all of this there is apparently a cyclone warning. yep. not even kidding.

i doubt we will get the cyclone.


i had a quick look and it looks like the chicks have a fair bit of crop milk in their crops. hopefully when i have a look in the morning they will have been fed.

is it okay that i check them?

the mother was watching me as i lifted the lid and looked in, she then hoped in the box and had a look at the chicks and then looked like she was about to feed one, then hoped out. she didnt really seem too bothered.


but just then i heard one of the babies calling out for a feed and the parents were just sitting on their perch. didnt move at all or anything.

i think it could have been one of the babies move and bump another and it thought it could have been mum...

what do you think?


hopefully all is well when i peek tomorrow morning.


keep all your fingers and toes crossed everyone!!

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Sounds like you might be lucky things seem to be going well.

You may have to keep an eye on the babies as they feather up as there is a high chance of them being plucked though it looked as if they had only been removing the down feathers going by the photo.

Cheers Jenny

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Great that you finally have them home. If Mum is going into box checking on chicks it sounds positive. She may not try to feed them if you have lid up, mine give me the evil eye until I replace lid usually. I think it all seems to have gone really well, just check to see if chicks have food in crops in the morning, if so they should be fine until you get back home.

Did the seller tell you what veg's etc she had been giving parents? If you can continue with the same foods it will help them settle. :P

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thanks Jenny

i thought they should have more down on them.

the second oldest chick is huge and has barely any down, he mostly just has his pin feathers on his wings and a little bit of a tail, the oldest has more on his wngs and tail and has more down too.


well, last night i could hear the chicks calling out from my bed room and was worying that she may not be feeding them, when i was peeking around the corner watching last night before bed they were calling out to mum but she just snuggled up with dad on the perch and went to sleep...

but this morning mum heard them screaming out and hoped down, had a big feed and then went in the box with them!

yes! they sounded very hungry!


i will put a millet spray in there for her to nibble at instead of plucking the chicks.

have heard this really helps and it helps the chicks learn to eat seed.


they seem really quite tame.

the male just sits there and stares at you. he even hoped on the wire infront of me.


well im about to leave for work, lets hope they have a good day and all is well when i get back home!!


woops! i closed my laptop before my post had finished going through!


well, i have just gotten home and mum was in the box feeding the babies!

i fixed up their food and water and mum knew i was there and after a little bit she popped her head out and just watched me. lol


the lady just had their nest box sitting on the floor of the cage, so thats where i have them.. is that okay?

its really quite big and i dont know how i would get it to be on the outside or anything.

is it okay if i check on the chicks?

i just dont want everything to go south, they are doing well!

though i havent actually seen the chicks yet. mum has been in the box each time ive gone to look.

i can hear peeping, but only one of them at a time, no clue if its the same chick or different ones.

the little one is really really small.. i kind of worry about him.


oh sorry! didnt see your post Robyn!

unfortunately when i went to the atm to get the money out, my boyfrined did the talking and had already had everything ready to leave...

i barely got to talk to her!

i will send her a text and find out what she had been giving them.


so it is okay if i peek to check their crops and to make sure they are clean etc?

i just checked them. she has fed them very well!

all crops very full! the babies feel lovely and warm.

all looks good, such a relief to see it going well. :)

she is indeed a good mum!


i would like to thank everyone that has helped me out with this. i wpuld have been very confused, scared and stuck with out all of you!

pics coming up shorlty! (and this time i mean it! lol)


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Yes, you can check the chicks, you need to. If the hen is in the box just give it a tap and she will come out and you can get them out. Eventually when you feel comfortable you will need to take the box and chicks out to clean the box.


Don't worry about the little ones they will grow :)


Looking forward to seeing the pics :D

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well guys.

i heard peeping from one chick again and it wouldnt stop. i went to go have a look and mum was in the box, so i felt better thinking maybe shes about to feed him or something. then i heard lots of movement in there and could see mum going back and forth, she then come a little closer to the hole and i could then see her better, then i saw her grab a chicks wing or pin feather and basically flung him across the box!!

i opened the box straight away and took him out. i looked him over and he has a bit of blood on his right wing. i think its from her pulling his pin feathers out.

im really worrying about the other chicks now.


but i feel bad taking him too. she was searching for him everywhere and called out to him.

will she pull the other chicks too?

or hurt them because ive taken this chick?


im so glad i have tomorrow off!

i can care for him tonight and tomorrow and figure out if i can do it myself or if i can find someone close by or take him to the lady i got my baby from.

....but i dont know how im going to give him to someone else. :(


will the chick get cold being on his own?

i will be keeping a very close eye on the other chicks tonight.

i will be sleeping in their room too as my boyfriends parents arrive early tomorrow morning and they will be staying in our room.


im really worrying.

well, atleast i was prepared for this happening!


Here are some pics


That was yesterday^









The above photo is now.

You can't see the blood or anything on his wing in the photo.

He is in a small ice cream container with parry peels on the bottom and some thickly shredded paper towel to snuggle and keep warm. He is sleeping in there at the moment.


Lets hope it all works out!



Should I wait until he tells me when he is hungry tonight?

He called out to mum for a feed, so he should let's know.

His crop is full right now.

If I'm right he will want a feed at around 4am ish.

That's a very rough estimate though.


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The problem is she is a plucker and we need to find a way to stop her. Does the father go into the box at all?


I have read a couple of ways to try and stop them doing it. The first is putting a mix of water and vinegar on them or the the one I read on here a mix of oil and dettol. If not you may have to hand rear them or if you can't find some one who can.


You will have to make sure you can keep it warm especially because it has no down.If you can't keep it warm I would leave it in with the others till the morning (not ideal but it has to stay warm) and see if you could talk to the lady you got your hand reared baby from and she might be able to help you.


I can't believe the lady you got them off only kept one chick considering the others have been plucked too. :(

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