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Critique These Two?

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I thought some of you would like to give me some perspective on the quality of my two new birds. I bought them from a good show breeder a couple of hours away, Im just starting out so if there is something you'd like to point out I'd really appreciate if you explain what you are seeing so I can learn as much as possible. Both of them are grey green spangles the cock was born 2/2010 The parents, cock was a greygreen spangle and hen blue normal, The hen 3/2010 The parents, cock greygreen spangle and hen a lutino. I am told the cock may be split blue?


Let me know what you think! :)











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27 views and no replys? :D

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The same thing happened when i started a topic , i read that the forum was not getting many topics or pictures so i thought i would share , but it seemed like no one cared plenty of views no comments.Such is life..

As for your birds they are very nice , i do not breed spangles , i think short in the mask and missing bulls eye spots need top end and width.

Are they related birds..?

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I think they compliment each other, nice pair of birds to begin with.

Should produce some nice youngsters. Look forward to seeing what they give you.

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your hen is not over 4 or five months she does not even have an iris ring and the barring is still just over eye she is no way 16 months old like she would need to be if she was truly hatched in feb 2010 as you say

i say shes just coming into her first molt making her 3 months or 4 months or just comming out making her 5 or 6 at most


they seem to be a reasonable pair to start with but if your going to breed spangles marks could be lot more clarified df spangles wont matter as will just be yellow

so but i dont believe shes that old

does she have a iris ring at all

infact does the cock ? as he looks young too

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Thanks everyone for the replys.. Ill try to answer everyones questions, forgive me if I miss some.


They are not related as far as I know and if they are I think it would be a ways back.


They both have iris rings although its not very wide and/or noticible.


I am really confused then because the breeder gave me dates they were born etc. and they had a really nice set up and alot of very good show birds, what could they get out of miss presenting thier age?


Should I be taking the nesting box out? How can I be certain that they are only as young as you say? I am worried now :(

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hi well i dont know why they would tell you different unless they had no birds the age you wanted so sold you a few younger ones some breeders do pair birds at 6 months an on ..however its not good for bird or breeder as to much trouble can come from it

if they are show birds and have show rings the colour of ring for 2010 birds should be blue ...however i still ring a few my birds with last years rings that cam out after September i started purple rings this current years color November after ubc shields bar 4 clutches of noticeably good chicks that i rang for the shields selection


it is up to you to take a close look at birds here on forum and other places noting their ages then decide should you wait to breed them

to be honest i always take the safe then sorry road

if he says one year and i think 6 months at oldest then take out box till end july start aug as the bird will be then 10 months by my thoughts and plenty old enough by theirs

can you get closer picture of birds heads and eye i could look again but its up to you

also the hen is not ready to breed and you really should get them ready to breed not just bring them home then stick a nest box with them

they may become stressed and unwell from to much change and pressure to breed when they should be getting use to new environment

but this is all my opinion

just remember a blue rung chick can be any where from September 2009 to 2010 September so say it was 2010 rung chick from sep its 6 months old at oldest


i would take nest out but not because of age

but so birds can become accustom to new home new seed new feeding regime new faces voices rar rar rar ...

ps welcome to bird land :}

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it is best to let the birds settle into the new place - did the breeder use separate cabinets for breeding? a lot of budgie aren't use the a wire cage set up such as you have as they are use to a flock. this can make them stress. I brought a male from a breeder and for the whole month he was separate from the rest of my flock he was not happy as he wasn't use to it.


if you feel this breeder knew his stuff - and it seems that way as you willing brought his (her?) birds - then you have to decide what you feel is best of your birds. Trust the breeder and continue or wait.


They looks good :D


not sure what you know of genetics but if the cocks dam was blue then he is split for blue.

She isn't split for blue so you will only get green based birds from the pair.

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Guest K&M Breeding

in the 3rd picture the hen has a Full clear cap no "baby" bars are left


From the side view I can see a couple - but that is not unusual I have had ones at 3 yrs old still show slight "baby" bars from the side view and I know when mine are born


I wanted to add for your male if 1 parent was blue and 1 is green ALL the off spring will be split to blue so your male will be split to blue 100% if the female isn't split to blue 1/2 the offspring will be split to blue IF she is split to blue you'll get Greens and blues both and 50% of the green babies will be split to blue


and by the way they are Very Pretty birds :)


Do they have leg bands on? I couldn't tell in the pics they were sitting down low in them :)


usually the leg band will have the year on it the bird was born so you'll know the year they were born


BUT if you run into an issue like I did a few weeks ago the leg band is useless :(


It's an ABS band, the breeder hasn't been a member since 2004, The leg band on the bird says 92 which would make him 19 years old which is TOTALLY WRONG, but since the breeder is no longer a member The ABS people wouldn't give me the breeders information (or couldn't) or give them mine so i can at least see if they know when he was born


I really dislike when breeders use Old leg bands :( and my boy is a recessive pied So I can only assume his age by the other birds that were in the cage with him that I bought BUT I don't even know if they're from the same clutch or even the same parents so that's not even helpful

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27 views and no replys? :D

Easter long weekend and the forums been a bit quiet due to that.......views can also mean guests not necessarily forum members.


I, for one, have been busy disassembling a large parrot aviary with my husband ready to reassemble at our new house for his Princess Parrots.


I just want to say........your spangles look just great. You'd want to be pretty pleased with them :D


BUT based on cere colour IMG076.jpg

I dont think either are in the best of breeding condition at all and wouldnt have a nestbox on the cage either at this stage.

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id be inclined to agree with kaz i brought some nice birds back in october 2010 and it took them a awhile to get into breeding condition, changing environments is hard on a budgie, but otherwise id be very stoked with what you brought they look nice and will be a great start for you in the hobby. good luck

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Thanks so much for all the advice and help everyone, Ill take out the box for now and just let them be(oops, over eager teen wanting babies I guess!). How much would you think these guys are worth? I think I got a really good deal on them but seeing as they are the first I've ever bought I'm not really sure.


I'm joing my local cage bird club next week and going to a meeting so I'm sure to learn some stuff there too :D


I hope I can get a pair of blue normals as my next two so I can put the babies of both pairs together eventually.. getting ahead of myself a bit me thinks *laugh out loud*

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its great your joining a club

they will tell you if your birds are breed-able age

so take them along

also dont get more birds till you have joined club and get them (the members )to help you choose some pairs

they will explain everything you are looking for


its two hard to price a bird on looks

and id say you did well to get them 20 or 30 each but any more each would been in my eye to much for that pair considering the price you can get birds of grand quality for if you know the right breeder or stud

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Hi, welcome to the forum! :) I was busy over the weekend too, and just now am catching up on some of what I've missed. :D


I think they are very nice looking birds, even if I don't have any expertise in show budgies.



You never know if your hen might be split to blue. Just because both of her parents were green, doesn't mean they couldn't be split for blue themselves. It could be handy to get to know the breeder, because they might be a good source to learn from. And they might be willing to tell you info about the grand parents, too.


Here is a tip to help your birds get some excercise: I see that they just have one perch going side to side in the cage, so they have no where to fly to. If you cut that shorter so it can go front to back, and put it on one side of the cage, and then make a second perch opposite to it, then they can fly back and forth.


Nice to have you on here. :)

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Sorry mate! I'm an infrequent floater these days but.....


Very nice stock birds and a great place to start a nice family of spangles. The cock has a really nice deep mask and good shoulder. The hen has slightly better directional feather than the cock bird and a slightly shallower mask. Quite nice complimentary birds. Hen is also a bit finer feathered than the cock bird and they both look like good substantial birds.


Definitely not too young to breed if the DOB you were given is correct but I agree that they might not be in breeding condition right now.


I would have been happy with these purchases!

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My Opinion.


Not bad birds. Im not sure if you are a show breeder, If you are than the two birds are too much alike , If you look closley to the face of the cock and hen both have the same shape. You will breed birds that will look like their parents ,



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Welcome to the forum ;)


Seeing as I am a fairly new show budgie breeder as well, I would be happy with those two spangles.


As to the price, I am able to get club culls for around $10 each, of okay standard, which is good for me ( as I am just learning how to breed budgies, what to do, and what not to do). As a beginner, I wouldn't pay for anything over around $30, which would change depending on how much you are willing to spare for 'budgie money' :lol:


Good luck with breeding them - when they come into condition :)





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