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Girls Ignoring Boys?

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I have two pairs that have bonded. Cosmo with Sparkles, and Whizzbang with Possum. I know they have bonded as I have seen them feeding the females, and I do see them snuggled up and grooming each other at times.


My question is about the girls ignoring the boys a lot. It seems both boys spend a huge amount of their day sidling up to, landing next to, crooning their little hearts out whenever possible at their respective loves, but mostly the girls seem to either ignore them or make that crabby noise at them when they get too in their faces.


Just now Possum was sitting on the water bowl on the side of the cage playing intently with a toy that dangles from the perch not far above. Whizzbang was doing THE most amazing bat impersonation, totally upside down barely hanging on with his tip toes, head fluffed up singing his heart out to her. As far as Possum was concerned he didn't exist!!!!


Are they just not that interested as they aren't in season, or is that just the way it is normally with other pairs??


Is there any behaviour I should look out for to start putting them in breeding cabinets? I'm not ready with the cabinets yet, and Possum wont be old enough until about September anyway. Cosmo and Sparkles are of age, but I wanted to leave it off until I was truly ready as this is the first time I've bred for a very long time, and it was colony breeding so they kind of just did their own thing anyway.

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If the boys show they are intent on something more serious than the kiss and cuddle routine and the female is not either old enough or in breeding condition then YES she will back off, ignore, or peck at his advances.

Too many people get breeding condition wrong.

If they are old enough dont wait till the cere is chocolate brown and wrinkly as thats considered too far past breeding condition. Timing for a female to put her down to breed ( if old enough ) is when the cere is starting to brown up but still light to medium brown and certainly not dark and crusty.

Dark and crusty is at the stage where its about to peel off and reveal the white blue underneath of a hen not in breeding condition.

Also no breeding while moulting. Moulting is not in peak condition, they get cranky too, and you should wait. Sometimes the birds know better than we do about ready or not. This is not to say if any are underaged ( physically and mentally ) and want to breed we should allow them...because its up to us to be their minders and make them wait and make it safer for them and more successful for them and us.

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Ahhh! Thank you. That makes a lot of sense...


Possum is too young and Sparkles has a dark brown cere at the moment. We've not had her very long, only about 4-5 weeks maybe? It was darker brown all over when we got her and it has lightened right up to just a very dark strip area in the centre of her cere the rest is quite pale now.


Does that mean she is in better physical shape now than when we got her, or is just a natural cycle?


That's probably why she nearly ate poor Cosmo alive when I tried to bond them when she first came!!! Oh dear. Now I feel bad. She knew and I didn't.


I will watch their behaviour and see how it all develops. Whizzbang is sooooo in love with Possum it hilarious. All she wants to do is a bit of a smooch every now and then and play with her toys all day (and eat! see the weightwatchers post in Nutrition!)



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