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Where Are You From?


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Hi guys just thought id say hello and find out all the different places everyone is from! I'm from a town outside of Glasgow in Scotland! What about you?



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Hi Cheeky,


I live in Brisbane, Australia. I grew up in country NSW though. Wow, Scotland! Are budgies very popular??

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I live pretty much in inner city Sydney, Australia. But I grew up in a small beachy town in New Zealand, called Nelson.

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On the side of every post is our info and states where we are from :D

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Ha ha yeah kaz I know but I was bored so I thought I'd just start a wee conversation! Lol as for budgies being popular in Scotland, there are a lot of people who breed and show I think, but not nearly as popular as in Australia! :)

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I am from Hawaii.  Any other breeders here in Hawaii?

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Dwellingup, wa, Australia

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