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Today I Attended My 1St Show For The Year


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Hi all, today was the Riverina Diploma Show, I really didn't want to go but made myself, I only didn't want to go because we are trying to get me new birdroom finished and that is all that is on my mind at the moment.

But loaded up my birds at went.

Glad I did. I am now Intermediate so I wasn't expecting to win anything at all.

But I won Best Adult cock in Intermediate and Best Adult Hen in Intermediate, my white Df sp got Reserve.

The cock a Dom pied went on to win best bird in Intermediate and the hen a cinnamon dark green won Op Sex .

The pied was in the main two for best Adult bird in show but a cinnamon won it in the end. BUT I WAS VERY HAPPY WITH MY WIN.

In the young birds I didn't have many good ones there because I didn't know you could show purple ringers. But my spangle cock got Reserve cock in Intermediate. The judge said it was very close and that he was a lovely bird, he is the son of the white DF spangle cock.

I got a lot 1st places and what blew me away was I won Best pair in Show with a pair of Lt Greens.

I won a show cage and received 3 lovely Sashes.

Sorry no photos but I will see what I can do tomorrow.

I had a huge fright when I got home, because I the mice I had to put the birds straight into the aviary so I did a few cages at a time, well I put one cage back out side with the door still open. when I had finished I was walking out with the other empty cages and here was a light green hen on the ground. I thought what where did you come from, any way she started to fly but for some reason she could only fly a bit, yesterday she was flying full on, but I am glad she could hardly fly because I had to go back in to find the net which was on the other side of the aviary and I had to get past all the empty cages. I was packing myself.

Anyway I got back out side and she was still there, she flew into the vege garden but I managed to catch her in the net.

What happened was she was part of my light green pair that I won with and when I let them out, the cock flew out and I forgot the hen was in there and silly me took the cage outside and continued to empty the other cages.

Boy was I lucky she couldn't fly well because she is flying now.

I think I need to be more careful.

Tomorrow I am going to start getting my purple ring bird ready for Our show THE KYABRAM DIPLOMA show next Saturday.

I also won the raffle, a box of groceries and I gave them to my son and his family.

So over all I had a good day.

While I was away Greg put a couple of walls up in my new birdroom and it is looking good.

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Sounds like you had a great day, well done.

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Thanks Taboo, yes the day turned out better than expected. My first win in Intermediate, it was totally unexpected.

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Well done at that rate you will be in open. Sounds like it was a great day. do you have any pics



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Thanks Brumbyracer , I am in no hurry to go into open. I have set myself a goal of 3 years to get to open. I only show at 2 sometimes 3 shows a year and the shields if I get selected.

Our club hasn't even done the last 2 shields.

There are a lot of shows in the Melbourne district but that is to far for me to travel.

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splat well done my friend very very pleased for you

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Thanks Gb, did you go to your show and did you take some birds?

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Congratulations, Splat, this is great!

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like you i didn't want to but for different reasons but yes i did thanks as you saw in my thread thanks for the congrats mate :)

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Thank you Finnie.

I am glad you went Gb because you had a great day.

I have our club show on Saturday and again I really don't want to go but i have to because I am in

charge of the trade table.

It is frustrating when you know you don't have the birds and trying to pluck them out of the aviary is almost beyond me.

And all that I want to do is finish birdroom.

I had more problems today, I found my best young cock fighting on the floor with his brother over a hen, I didn't know what to do because I want to take the 3 of them on Saturday. In the end I put one of the cocks and the hen in a wire cage, seems they have paired them selfs up and they are a good match too and the right blood. I will still take them Saturday.

I just hope they are okay in the wire cage because of the mice, but I have seemed to have cut them back heaps because I am only getting one or two every couple of days now.

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well done splat i hope when i start to show ill have this sort of success

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Thank you Kochy23, i hope you do too, I have had an unbelievable start to the hobby.

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