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Hand Taming

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How hard is hand taming an older budgie? I know it's got to be easier with babies (have raised chickens) but in case i can't source any babies is it possible? i have time and patience?

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It really depends on the bird. It is easier to hand tame a bird that hasn't been tamed if you have a lot of patience and you don't get another bird. It took me 9 months to really gain Pretty's trust but some birds are longer and some are shorter. Some never tame it all depends. You will have to come to terms with that if they don't tame down.


It also depends what you mean by tame. Some people are perfectly happy if their bird runs up to the side of the cage and gives them kisses only others want their bird to cuddle on their shoulder with them what is your definition of tame?


If I was to get a bird that was not tamed I would sit and observe the birds and look for the one that comes to me when I click to it, looks at me and doesn't run, if I put my face next to the cage which one is not scared but curious, if I put my hand next to the cage what are the reaction.


I also had to get him clipped at least once so I could let him out of the cage without him harming himself.


If I had the time and would do it again I would work on clicker training my bird it helps trains them so much quicker, I have clicker trained my dogs but haven't had the time to do it with Merlin.

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I'm looking for a bird who will tame enough to hang around with me while i'm chilling in my room, not necessarily cuddling but kisses would be nice :)

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Are you just looking for a baby or would you like an older bird? Maybe you can find some rescued birds that need to be rehomed too that are already tame. Either way I would follow the advice that I gave above and then read up on taming your budgie we have an article in the FAQ to read along with doing searches here on the site too :).

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