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Glen's Original Bird Toys

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Hello All,


I am new to this site. I have a great parakeet named Glen (who's photo has been uploaded in the gallery on this site) and he has inspired me to make toys for small birds like him.


I've just started selling them on a website I just posted at:




Please take a look at my unique fun toys.


This is Glen's favorite, called Glen's Original Shrimp Toy.



That's Glen next to his Shrimp.


His Shrimp is Glen's best buddy. It keeps him entertained for hours and I can get Glen to try new things out if I get Shrimp to try it first. This is great to introduce new food, toys, and even scary things like a household broom, when I need to sweep the floor.


I have other toys as well.


Anyway please take a look.

Thanks so much.

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