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Bad Budgerigar Info

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This is where we can post any quoted bad info on the internet about budgies and discuss. There's an awful lot of bad info out there. I see it all the time. Supposed experts who put websites out there with really bad info and errors.


Go for it. Find some and post here and we can discuss or we can message them for changes to their info.




1. An older budgie will have a mask free of any markings. The mask will be either white or yellow, depending on the budgie's base color.
2. Lutino, albino, lacewing, and fallow budgies have pink irises at all ages
3. The feathers on the budgie's mask will be clear; either white or yellow depending on the budgie's base color.
4. Cuddlebones are mainly composed of calcium, making it an adeal way to supplement your budgies calcium intake. Calcium is also necessary for strong bones, healthy feather formation, and helps strengthen the keratin that makes up your budgies beak. The grainy texture of a cuddlebone can offer benefits to parakeets as it is helpful in wearing down the beak, keeping it from becoming overgrown. I recommend keeping a cuddlebone in your budgies cage for those reasons and because it can also promote beak and jaw exercise.



5. The result is that today we have many different colors of parakeets. Blue is the second most common color for parakeets, because it is the color closest to green is blue. So that was the easiest color for breeders to achieve.


6. Many breeders go through special training programs before they start raising young birds. Some even get college degrees in animal care.





Your turn

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Great topic Kaz. So much bad advice out there. These are quotes from a forum.

Soon after that day (in the morning) take her food out. When you come home, or just 6 hours later, pour food into your hands and hand feed her. She will trust you even more eventually, when she knows you are her source of food:)
Uhh and yes you can take food away. If she is young, it doesnt matter. They can go without food for a while, sooo i dont know what that person was talking about. It gains trust, plus it speeds up the process.

Also, what's really sad, is people that own sick or injured birds and refuse to take them to an avian vet even a normal vet.

My bird has been bleeding and biting itself all week? It is about 7-9 years old.

Whats wrong?!


My dad said that he is not willing to pay 70$ just to take him to the vet so I rubbed some ginger roots on his cut. I hope it helps!

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Great idea!

it is recommended that you DO NOT offer a cuttlebone or mineral block in your bird(s) cage(s) , as it can be posinous to their heart

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To tell the difference between males and females, look at the cere. If it is blue, it is a male. If it is brown or dark pink, it is a female, like me.


Grouping males and females together could result in pairing off and unwanted breeding


females will have a pink, white, tan or brown cere


Budgies less than a year old that have not yet reached their first molt will have purplish ceres regardless of their gender, and those with unique or rare adult color variations may have differently colored ceres as well.


A male budgie will have a blue colored cere (the area at the top of the beak), while the cere of a female will be a pale or a pinkish color.If the area around the nostrils (referred to as the cere) is pinkinsh-brown, it's a female


If you plan on getting a male and a female you are going to want to make sure that you get a bigger cage because in the breeding months (usually March-May) they will breed.


Yes, they are also inexpensive and fairly easy to care for.


As for cage size well the bigger the better if you get male female they will breed yes.


budgies can be quite fragile because of there weak hearts and tiny bodys.


And they bond for life.






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