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Advice About A Budgie Removalist

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Hi all,

We are moving from VIC to NSW in a couple of weeks and I need to figure out how Albie with travel. He cannot come with us in the car, just not enough room, yes, even for one little bird, plus an unpredictable toddler in the car!


I have never had to move house with a pet before. So how and where do you find a 'budgie removalist'? Sorry I am totally clueless. The removalist we have for our household goods doesn't move pets. Any reccommendations would be fantastic :-)


He will need to be with the removalist for 6 - 7 days. Can anyone shed any light on what usually happens?

Many thanks in advance,

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There are no budgie removalists. There is Australia Air Express that will transport pets by air and you drop them off and collect them the other end. There is Jetpets and a couple of others that do the same thing. Best thing you can do is organise your small wooden air travel box and either drop him off at the airport Aust Air Express before you leave and arrange he is collected at the other end....or you leave before him and arrange someone to drop him off to AAE allowing enough time that when you arrive you also collect him.

There is no facilities for birds to be cared for at their destination and they remain in the box with no seed and water.

Box for one budgie is a tissue sized box, no perches, a small mesh window, and screwed shut. Dark and small as they travel better that way.

Costs ? around $51 for travel and around $15-$25 for a box. AAE does not supply or sell boxes.


Try Jetpets





they state that they board as well :)

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