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Budgies Not Breeding

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i have had budgies for three months now in an aviary with six nesting boxes made of chipwood is it the boxes or is it just them getting used to the enviroment

could living on the ocean affect them

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Get the age right............12 months to 4 years. No underaged budgies to be in an area where there are nestboxes.


Get the condition right.......full breeding condition ceres the right colours......medium brown cere for female and bright cobalt blue for most males.


Make sure they arent moulting.


Make sure you have worked out the sexes correctly


Seasons......if too hot they wont breed in most cases. The birds know what bad weather is coming and they wont go to nest if they anticipate a bad season.


Colony breeding ( the worst way to breed budgies ) can affect birds claiming a nestbox and keeping it as others will fight to prevent that. Look for signs of blood on nestbox perches.


Rodents in aviary and through nestboxes will stop breeding.


Health of birds is vital. they must be in peak condition. If not they wont breed and wont breed successfully.

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