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Parrotalert.com - Advanced Lost And Found Reporting And Alerting Site

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I don't want to feel like i'm treading on anyone's toes by advertising the site

i've developed. Some might view this as spam, i don't compete with this

site and i don't charge for the use of my site either.

I've recently launched a new site i'd been working on, www.parrotalert.com,

i currently have over 1500 members worldwide registered for parrotalerts and

it's gone globally viral sine launch.

parrotalert is a geographical lost and found report and alerting site,

you can now search within towns/cites within countries via the geographical

mapping search tool.

I've also receiving a Lost and Found reports for Australia, as well as other

countries. 3 parrots within the Brisbane area. There are others reported

lost and found in other areas of your country.


I know this site is related to budgies, being a member of the parrot family,

parrotalert caters for parrot types.

Hopefully we share a common interest, reuniting the unfortunate souls that

are lost, stolen and found. parrotalerts goal is to reach as many people

possible to make aware of reported birds in the hope the owners can

be found.

It's about safety in numbers and it's for the birds!




PS, i'd be grateful if the admin would contact me about possibly providing a

lost and found feed from parrotalert to your lost and found section?




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