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Psychic Or Skeptic?


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Hi All


A bit of a weird question but I'll give you some background. Last month my best friend died after an extended illness. I've been a skeptic all my life but would really love to believe that there is something to the "life after death" and psychic phenomena but after several psychic visits and now waiting for some sign that my friend is still out there somewhere (as well as knowing the father of one of the Claremont serial killer victims (there's a whole other story in there too)) I'd have to say that I'm still a skeptic.


I just want to know if others feel similarly or if there is something that has happened to them that has made them "believe"?


I'd love to hear any experiences.

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I would say I believe some of it and others stuff is a bit iffy but I can tell you that since my dad has passed in 2005 I always feel that he is by my side especially in the little things in life. When I tend to loose things, or when I am faced with a decision I feel that he is guides me and that instead of using anger of have become more passive and thought things out and try to use kindness instead. For those skeptics it could be that his death changed me to think different and I believe that but I always believe no matter what he is looking out for my mom, my sister and myself.

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I had a friend once who was dying of AIDS. As a maori his family sent for him to come home when the end was near as they have ceremonies necessary to the family at the end and their funerals are very special. He returned to NZ and ten days later he came to me.

I had just returned from collecting my daughters from their part time jobs selling the Sunday Times newspaper on Saturday night. We got home and all got ready for bed as it was late.

I turned off the bedroom light and as I went to settle in my bed I saw my friend sitting by the right hand side of my bed. He was as real as you or I. I could see him clearly and I could feel him, I could smell him. I didnt believe what I was seeing ....I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Then he had vanished and was on the other side of the bed nearest me, sitting by the side of the bed as if in a chair by my bed ( there was no chair ). He reached out to me and took both my hands in both of his. I felt the warmth of his hands as real as anyone else's hands holding yours. He looked at me, smiled and he was gone.

It was the next day that I was told he had died. In speaking with others I also discovered he had visited all of us in similar ways, all over Australia and New Zealand and other places. He had died in New Zealand.




When my mother passed away and I returned to perth from Geraldton where my mother had lived and died..............


I was working late one night in my leadlight shop. My mother had never known I had my own leadlight business as she had suffered a stroke many years ago and had suffered many strokes since.......each one taking her further and further away from us till she was little more than a brain injured child.

So, here I was working late at night ....around 9:30-10:30 ish. Leaning over the workbench building a leadlight. I felt a presence behind me, I felt a hand grip my shoulder just by my neck and pressure bearing down ( like someone was leaning over my shoulder peering down at what I was doing ) and I heard these words


and as quick as that happened she was gone. I knew it was my mother and I knew the feel of her hand. I heard her voice as clear as day. She had come and found me and visited me. I knew that for certain.


I am psychic and from memory have always been. With me it comes and goes depending on the stresses and business of everyday life.


My earliest memory was as a two year old child sitting in the sandpit by the front of the old house we lived in. I looked up and saw an old lady dressed in black with long woollen skirt, long blouse full buttoned all the way down the front and button up ankle boots. She wore her hair in a bun. She opened the front gate and it squeaked from lack of oil or grease. She walked past me and over to the side of the house and walked away. I ran towards where I had seen her pass and she was gone. She didnt have time to have walked anywhere. She had made her presence known to me and then vanished into thin air.

My family history is I come from gypsy stock. I have proof of family history written in a book published on our family. Our relatives were gypsies from Kent in England who came out here and settled in the Toodyay and York area of W.A.

I feel what gift I have been given comes from them.

I found the woman I had seen as a two year old in the book. There was her picture clear as day some 30 years later when I got a copy of our family history book.


I am able to make someone phone me by thinking hard about them for a few moments. I am able to pick up a phonecall and say Hello ( name ) before they have even spoken as I already know who has phoned. I was able to exactly determine the price we just paid for our new house weeks before the final price was settled.


I was once working for another boss in the leadlight industry. I was working down the back making leadlights. The boss had left for a country trip, the office staff had gone home sick with flu, and there was only me and the new young man at work. He was to call me if he needed help out front but otherwise I would keep working on the leadlights I was making.

I heard a voice say to me "SOMEONE IS GOING TO CUT THEM SELVES AND YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE THEM TO HOSPITAL" ..........I automatically said "WHO ? " and the voice answered "PAUL AND YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE HIM TO HOSPITAL".

I thought to myself........if I tell Paul this it will jinx things and he WILL cut himself or he will think I am mad. So I said nothing and went on with my work. Within 3 minutes Paul came running down to where I was working holding his hand. He said Karen I have cut my hand and I need a bandaid. He took his hand away and I could see he had slashed open the back of his hand and he needed much more than a bandaid. I quickly got clean cloth and pressed it down on the cut, told him to hold it hard, and phoned the boss on his mobile. Told him I was taking Paul to hospital and he said to lock up the shop and his wife would come down and open up again and we should just go. Paul had 11 stitches.



Other times I have heard these voices telling me that someone I knew was up the front in the shop while I was down the back. Each time I checked the voices were right.

There's much much more I could tell but it would take forever.


Suffice to say.......I believe and I see what I believe.

You may have a visitor but you may not see them. There will be signs if you are able to tune in.




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oooh wow kaz!!


i could listen to your physcic stories all day!!! ... i really love that type of thing

especially when someone who is as genuine and honest as you is speaking it... as you feel it has to be true if its coming from someone so honest

what an experience it would have been with your mum and nz friend!


i wish i could see things like that ive always wanted to.


well i am a beleiver, but i can say this ...there are definatley some dodgy "psychic" people out there, that try and make a buck by making things up (total scammers)

but i think there are definatley genuine psychics who can feel, see and hear those lost loved ones, and may help you get in contact with them

the problem is you just have to find the ones that are real, and speak the truth ;) !!


well i guess i could say i have had one experience

i think i was 13 maybe 12 and i was home alone in the day,

and one moment i felt as if my deceased nanna was there, as if i could feel her presence, it was so odd, i couldn't feel her physically or see or hear her

but felt as if she was there

and so i decided to brew a cup of earl grey tea, as i knew it was her favourite, and sat down at the table and talked to her hoping she could hear me

it is quite a random thing to do but i just hope she was there

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I am a skeptic but then I have had things happen.


When my dad died suddenly the night before we viewed him I had a dream well I quess it was a dream, but we were all siting at mum and dads kitchen table and dad came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and said Julie don't worry everything will be okay and with that he was gone.

The next day we all went to view him in his coffin, there were 3 visiting times that day. Well I stayed from 10 o'clock till 8 that night, by the time I finished rubbing his hand he was as warm as. What blew me away was he was wearing the same shirt I saw him in the night before and I had know idea what he was going to have on all I new was he didn't want a suit. Well anyway on the last visit my mum and brothers and sister all came and when we all finished saying our goodbyes we walked out and closed the door. We were out talking to Peter the funeral director asking question etc and he was trying to answer them when the door opened and closed on its own. We all jumped, mum yelled it's okay Al and she she said he is awake and went running in there followed closely by as all, dad was still lying in the coffin. Peter couldn't explain why that happened because there was no windows opened in that room.


Another time years ago I would have dreams and one for example was I was driving my car in this small town somewhere and out bounced this ball and followed by a little kid. i breaked just in time. Several years later it happened but I reckonised the street and houses and pulled over and out bounced the ball and followed by a little kid, Frieked right out.


But after saying all that I am still skeptic. But then I do like to think my day is watching over me.

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Thank you Kaz for confirming what I have always believed about spirits visiting us after they have passed. I am a huge believer of the afterlife, spirits etc. I suppose you have to be open to it or like Kaz born with the gift.

I have had a 3 experiences, the most recent was when my father-in-law passed away August last year. He died suddenly without cause. A couple of hours later,I felt his presence, a small breeze went through the bathroom where I was standing and the towels on the rails flapped, all windows and doors were shut. He was standing behind me. He's spirit was calm and I could feel he was at peace. I told him we loved him and that we will miss him very much. My daughter and I said goodbye and waved to her granddad and then he was gone.

Another experience I had was 6 years ago. A beautiful 20 year old girl I worked with died in a horrific car crash. The following day, all the electrical appliances at my work place had broken down and all the clocks had stopped. No doubt she was angry about having her life cut short.

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Great stories Kaz, I also love reading about experiences like yours.


I believe but i'm also aware that i don't like the idea of being contact by spirits.


but i have once, my sisters place is an old cane farms house and the spirit there has never done anything other than walk half the room and stop...... I had hear all the stories of the steps and it always took a while for me to sleep while staying there wondering if they would start. One day alone in the house I hear them. It wasn't a trick, as since the house is old you can't walk anywhere with out floors making noise and the steps start in the middle of the room and sound more hollow than normal footsteps.


My cousin was visited by my Nanna in her bed, she sat on the end and told her it was all going to be okay.


My Aunt saw my grandfather walk into his house the day after he died. He stood at the doorway for a moment then turned and left. she believes he was only looking for my grandmother who was still in hospital at the time.


Many people have had dealing with a ghost of a Lady at my work. An old building in the middle of Brisbane.


I love reading about it, but the thought of seeing something like that myself gives me chills up my spine.

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i believe , i see , i hear ,i know

but in speaking out about it has only ever landed me in hospital and put on drugs to repress my knowledge

like kaz from young age i have always known things

i was 6 when i relized i was diffrent

i guess with me i was to open in a way and as i did not have anyone to explain things i was just classed as very imagenitive

my 16 year old son and 18 year old son two know things my older boy not as open as my younger one whom is like me having difficultys understanding what is going on

hes just lucky he has me or he may ended down the road of repressive drugs and misdiagnoses also

took me 9 years to be free from the governments clasp and a free spirit again

my experiences have not always been good and was a time i believed i was the reason for peoples deaths i shut myself off from people for years because of it

even though i knew it really had nothing to do with me just as i could do nothing to stop these deaths no matter how i tried i felt at fault

and from 15 to 19 felt a lot of fault and guilt

it is hard for me as when im out in public i feel lots of different emotions and vibes im very emphic and my mood changes with whom ever im aeound depending on their mood this makes it hard to stay at one basic level

although when im out i cant seem to shut up either from nerves or the uncompilable feeling i get just feeling so open and vulnerable

however im a whole different person when im alone or with my family or loved ones

most my visions are through dreams if unstoppable(as in death related )

sometimes though i will just be walking along street and feel need to change direction i cant even stop myself its like im literally someone else driving my brain

these are times where now i dont try and fight the feeling or erge as these are the times where i know im actually going to be able to help someone or save them from a injury big or small the weird bit is i never know what it is or who so its like im all of a sudden on full alert ears eyes and aware of everything and one around me

this does not happen often only around few times a year but then i try not to go anywhere much anymore

worst thing i had to do is my very close friend passed in a car accident

but i know more to it than even her family

also another close friend on a bike he also had more to his death than was told to be true

but sometimes things are best unsaid

the reason phycs can not tell you things or give you what you want is as they are all intuned with diffrent abilitys

in my belief true ones dont work for money although some people are very talented at getting info from you that they then use in the reading so sometimes they feel as if they knew some stuff


sometimes we are so blocked off that we miss the little signs

i know if im upset or stressed i can never help myself as my spirit is low and i cant hear my intuition telling me

its these times i turn to guidance

i dont know where it actually comes from but i do know that so i know im not confusing it from a coincidence i ask for a certain thing

it doesnt always mean i will listen even if i get my ask

and at times i wish i was not in charge of my self as i could have stopped a big amount of heart ache if i had of listened to what i asked


i was at beach i asked that when i go for a walk in ten minits that in this certain stretch of beach only i find a shell shaped like a heart a small one that it be shaped from wear of the salt water and it be made of that perl stuff that the nz people make their pretty shell stuff from

i also said that if i picture it up and it is remainding whole than i should give this new love of mine a chance

but if it broke we would never get past the first year although have good time together

i found what i asked to the t it was really freaky as i wasnt even looking at the time i just looked over out of my paths veiw their it was so small yet stuck right out amungest all others

i asked that if when i showed my partner that if i placed it in his hand and it broke in half that this was a sighn he was to break my heart ( it did he did )

and he didnt even touch it just held his hand out

i was shown many things and reasons we should never of been more than passing faces in a crowd but i turned off to all of them as i wanted to believe he was for me

i ignored all sighns warnings that this person was but a dangerous

not only am i paying for it now but my children as well

so all i can say is we don't see what we dont want to believe weather we see it or not no matter how real or obvious subtle it is we wont see it unless were open to excepting it for what it is

its easier to close off to things than to have to find an explanation or a reason for them

as it is easier to medicate someone than to try and understand them


nothing made me believe i was born knowing i just didnt know till i knew

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  • 9 years later...

Have wrestled with the idea of sharing this, but here goes. I feel that Sarah Spiers has a message for her mum. She has been showing me 'Just like new' and 4 Mrs S. I think she wants her mum to know she is okay now and that she feels like new. When I saw her, her hair was in a ponytail and she smiled at me. She looked happy. Just feel like her mum needs to hear this

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