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Nest Box Bedding

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I have noticed some breeders have a muesli type of substance on the floor of their nest box once the eggs have hatched ? what exactly is this bedding? my hen ditched all the bedding I placed into the box before she laid her clutch so i decided she preferred a "unbedded" nest box. I have read some breeders place bedding in the nest box once the pinkies arrive...Can someone provide me with some tips about what to use and does this alos alleviate the poop getting stuck onto the babies feet as the second clutch should be born about the 3 oct. :D

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hi, i am from Australia. Yeah, earlier I tried all type of bedding for my hens even I tried cotton sheets but you can try Straw and Hay. Sun-colored straw, with its sweet, earthy smell and springy texture is what many new hen keepers reach for to line their coop and nest boxes.

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