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So cute! Hope he made the night.

I have found this season very big for parents rejecting chicks... not fun :(

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The little canary chick is doing well :D

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WOO! Awesome! You have magic cleavage :P

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That canary chick was virtually dead when I found it in the aviary.....if I hadnt gone in there and seen it laying on its side on the ground freezing cold it would be dead today.

Warmth is key :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

The baby canary died......it was doing real well but as its toes had been bitten badly it succumbed to infection :)


Have three Princess babies out flying now. Fledged yesterday. One still learning how to fly and crashing into things. I am calling that one CRASH CRADDOCK :D

Dad is watching them all closely. Mum is laying a second clutch.














I am also handraising four baby princess parrots ( three blues and one white ). The mother ( Blutack) decided to pluck them all so they were removed from her nest. They were put in another nest for awhile but arent being fed in there as that hen is laying an early second clutch with a baby still in the nest. So I am back to being mama of princess parrot babies. :rolleyes:

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Your lutino princesses are gorgeous! How do you go with hand raising parrots, Ive never done it or tried. Our superb pair have their first baby for the season and I was wondering how you feed them? Off spoon, crop?

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Your lutino princesses are gorgeous! How do you go with hand raising parrots, Ive never done it or tried. Our superb pair have their first baby for the season and I was wondering how you feed them? Off spoon, crop?


I prefer parent raised to hand raised myself...........a whole lot less trouble. :rolleyes:

If the babies are young I begin by crop feeding and move onto a spoon later. The ones I have to feed right now are taking their dinner off a bent spoon.







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Yeah, Im not planning on hand raising any if I can help it, but last year, we had 6 babies and baby #6 got lost amongst the older ones as the weeks went on, I should have taken it and hand raised it and it might have survived, so I am keen to learn how to if the need arises.. They are lots different to budgies lol

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The eldest amongst these four is stubborn and wont take food off the spoon as readily as the other three. He does it one drop at a time with reluctance and shakes his head to throw formula all around the place. I am nearly at the point of feeding him by crop needle but that wont teach him to eat. So he takes about 30 minutes to get half a crop full of food where they others take 5 mins for a full crop. I will be patient. Handraising isnt something I do because I choose to, its something I do because I have to :rolleyes:

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Two babies have gone to be handraised by an experienced handraiser who does this for a small home industry and her own pleasure. She wanted a blue princess off us for herself so she got two and I am handraising the other two Ken is keeping.

The white one ken calls ANGEL and the blue one I call STRETCH ( Stretch because its so big and tall and lanky ) . These are Velchro's babies. The white one was a nice surprise.....its worth a thousand dollars to sell but we are keeping her. :)


Sunnie........its easier to feed and handraise parrots than it is to feed and handraise budgies I think anyway. m


Here they are at dinner time.


th_001-3.jpg click for video








th_007-3.jpgclick for video

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The young Princess parrots are gorgeous Kaz, I am with you on the quail too. we had them in with budgies a few years ago and I reckon they scared them in the night and made them (budgies) smash into the walls at night, so I made Greg get rid on them.

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The Princess parrot babies are doing well. They have been named SUGAR for the white female and STRETCH for the blue. They love a cuddle.............as soon as they have had enough food off the spoon they climb up me for a cuddle by my neck.










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Babies are growing........................SUGAR and STRETCH having a cuddle with Ken







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awwww they are soooooo cute!!:wub::wub: They're doing well aren't they? :)


I was going to put in an applauding emoticon for a fantastic job you're doing Karen but there isn't one anymore.

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