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What Is Your Favourite Budgie Colour?

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hello everyone!


i thought it might be really cool to see what others love best when it comes to budgie base colours!

i know from personal experience that there is always one or two colours which always take your fancy!

there is always that colour which you come back to


for me i love mauves and dark greens

i love the richness of the dark green and the ethereal beauty of the mauves


so what is your favourite? :)

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I'd say cobalt and light green :P Light green is such a vibrant colour and nice coloured cobalts are gorgeous too.

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sky violet and often also yellowface skyviolet :P

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My favorite is light green, then a close second is sky blue. Probably because they are bright and cheerful looking colours. :P

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any colour but I warm towards Violet :P

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oh if its ANY colour and not just base colours then sure, YF1 sf/df violet cobalts are the besssst

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Love the cobalts or violet cobalts. But i Love the recessive pieds in dark green for some reason.

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I really love white too :P

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i love light blues and dark blues

also light yelllows

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Those deep buttercup yellow LACEWINGS :rofl:

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I love light greens because the colour is very bright and powerfull....also green is my favourate colour :rofl:

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I like all the Grey, Grey Greens and then Sky blue, in spangles of course :rofl:

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I like yf greys, and yf cobalt blues :rofl:

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from what everyones said we like the 1 dark factor and no dark factor birds

so i guess the more vibrantly coloured budgies :laughter:


and from the results it is also indicated that the ideal bird would be...


a cobalt ! possibly with violet (this has the most popularity)


and it seems to be that blue based are more popular than green, interesting

but of course this does not reflect everyones favourite!

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