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Baby Lovebird

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Hiya all,


Bout 3 months ago I decided to build a 2nd smaller aviary, once completed after much procrastination I decided to get a colony of Lovebirds. I bought 3 from an add in Petlink (One pair & also spare male) - all Violet Masked Lovebirds and another seperate female Blue Masked.


The pair I bought had already started building a nest at their previous home but had never before bred. So I put 3 nesting boxes in and hoped for the best.


The 2 supposed females started building a nest together straight away, this I thought would lead to clear eggs. They lais 3 eggs which to my suprise appeared fertile.


This morning when I checked the aviary I could hear a baby noises coming from the box. It would appear I have 3 males, 1 female and 1 baby in the aviary. This was confirmed when I had a look in the nest box.


Just wanted to share as I am very exited about these events.


Cheers Brad

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Oh congrats Dong...I have Lovies too... a pair and an unknown spare..a green black mask and a blue black mask..these two have produced eggs some clear and one fertile but sadly it was acidentally broken...little chick inside...I also have a lutino..dont know what sex but a very pretty bird. Im after several more too.





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Hi Spanglewings, they are lovely birds, are you trying to breed them again?


My pair have hatched all 3 eggs now and babies are doing very well.



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  • 4 weeks later...

here are the babies one month on. (this is doubles as my experiment for uploading photos)







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AWWW. Very cute :P

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Sooooooooooo cute!

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