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Scratching Like Chicken?

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I let my budgies out in my room to explore. Though they don't like the getting out of the cage part, they love to wandering where they want part :huh:


I can watch them for hours, they love to sit in front of my mirror and try to get past the other budgies :(


One of them started to scratch at the carpet like a chicken does. And then proceeded to scratch at a piece of paper that was on the floor, almost like he was trying to bury it.

Is that normal?

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yes, they are just exploring, Merlin will do that at times. I do suggest that they don't walk on the floor though it is actually dangerous. Not only can you accidently step on them they can pick at the carpet an may ingest some OR they can pick up dirt or something that may be stuck in the carpet that you may not see and that is not healthy. This is a personal opinion a lot of people do let their birds on the floor I personally do not.

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