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Hi people, I'm Ray (Randmness). I've been owning budgies since I was little (They all flew away at some point unfortunately.. being young didn't help) but recently I have started owning some again. Here are a couple of older pictures of my current birds



Earliest photo. L/R goes Lychee, Lemon, Borat and Cheeky.

Cheeky died a few months ago from what is presumed to be an infected cut (we took her to the vet the day it cut itself near the lower leg, but our efforts amounted to nothing)

Lemon only flew away two weeks ago when we accidentally left the door open overnight (flew out form beneath the covers)




A picture of the three babies Lemon had a year ago. Cheeky 2.0, Pastel and Sky






Some pictures of the (not so) babies back then. Lemon and Lychee were the parents.. so we don't know how Cheeky 2.0 got her colours from. I'll get some more photos of these guys when they become a little more cooperative!


Hope to have a nice time here!

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changed pictures to links. They where all over the size limit of 640x480.
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awwww ceeky is my favourite


i have always... always, wanted a green pied budgie, but i find them really hard to find :)

it is so cute


sorry for your loss.

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It was a blow.. Put me off my exam the next day (still passed). However, Cheeky 2.0 is a carbon copy of Cheeky (Feather for feather), hence the 2.0. Still don't get how a green and blue budgie produce a pied green that looks exactly like an unrelated budgie in the same cage... Hmm.....

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nice birds, Cheeky is a recessive pied which means the gene could have been carried (hidden) by the parents. but was the older cheeky in the cage when they bred? as he could be the dad instead.

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Older cheeky was as far as I know.. a female. One hypothesis is that she had a go with borat and layed an egg in the nest with lemon's eggs.

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oh my mistake i was thinking another male for some reason.


it would be very rare for hens to share a nest box normally fights happen over them.


the other thought I had was the bird are related, it is common for the pet type bird to be sold together and recessive is a common trait to be hidden.

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