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Vet In Melbourne

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well there is a vet that is pretty close to where i live in dandenong melbourne. i was just wonderng if anyone has been to it before but first am i allowed to state the address and the names of the vet and then people can pm me there comments or?.

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nope. sorry never been, I've been to an avian vet in Brunswick.

Where and who my baby will be comming come next week and i dont know of a local avian vet but brunswick is only 25mins away thanks

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West Brunswick Veterinary Clinic 169 Dawson St, Brunswick. Cameron Wood was that Avian Vet from memory. haven't been in years so double check that he is still there. I know he had a female studying to become an avian vet there with him who was also had a bird shop on Sydney Road. She should have graduated by now, not sure if she is still there though.

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