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Pink Budgie

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My daughter was in India last year and defo sent me a picture of a pink budgie, pale pink, she wished she could buy it for me- but It must have been a dyed one!!!????

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I was in a bird outlet mid last week and saw what I believe to possibly be a very light mauve/pink mottled on a white base. tried to buy it but the guy turned down $200.00 It wasnt a particularly spectacular bird other than the unusual colour. If it is still there ill try for a picture.

Thinking it may have been a cross with a Bourkes parrot. A bit like a mule, sterile, Horse X donkey. Don't know if they are similar enough to be able to fill egg. Really just speculating.


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I am in Port Elizabeth South Africa. What are the prices on red and pink budgies.  Please send me some pictures 

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Hi everyone does anyone no where I can purchase a pair of pink budgies for the grandchildren which are not dyed thanks 

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