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Some More New Babies!


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Went to have a look in the pet shop today, just for a look mind you & walked out with 4 gorgeous little guys!

According to the "kid" in the shop, there are 2 girls, a boy & one that is too young to tell!

I wasn't in the mood to argue, I kinda knew what I was getting, but hubby & I had a little chuckle to ourselves!


One of the "girls", a gorgeous violet spangle cock



The one that is too young to tell! I think sky blue pied, just not sure which one yet, I can only tell by the iris rings, please feel free to tell me what she is!



This one he got right! A beautiful sky blue spangle cock



Another "girl"! I'm thinking YF2 violet? spangle



I am hoping I have the sexes right but if I'm wrong please tell me!

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My goodness, Pebblz! Those are some beautiful birds!!


I'd be walking out with the four of them, myself! :sadsorry:

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Thankyou Finnie!

I would have walked out with more except i'm out of quarantine space :sadsorry:

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I think:


Bird 1 - Violet Spangle Cock

Bird 2 - Sky blue recessive pied hen

Bird 3 - Sky blue opaline spangle cock

Bird 4 - YF2 sky blue spangle cock

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Thanks Dave!

I was pretty sure I had 3 boys & a girl!

Missed the opaline on the number 3 boy.

What do I look for apart from the eyes with the recessive pieds? Is it the barring?

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I think you have three boys and one girl. :rofl: Recessive pieds also have orange beaks and the males cere stays pinky purple whilst the females goes brown.

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