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My Plans For My Aviary

Amy S

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I've been straining my brain trying to figure out a way of mouse proofing my aviary. I have got a few sheets of SunTuf Polycarbonate Roofing in 2m lengths which I have been considering cutting into .90m lengths to go around the bottom halves of the aviary - so mice can't climb up, yet it still lets light and heat in on the floor, also would keep it a bit drier. These would be placed OVER the already existing aviary mesh.


Is this a good idea or not? :wacko:YES definitely :D


I am sealing the floor with pavers (at least around the edges) - weird to have pavers on top of a concrete pad I know:blink: but seeing as I am unable to have it there as a permanent fixture, it seems to be my only solution?


I am yet to put my shed up - I may end up not being able to do that too :(


Are there any other mouseproof solutions that I could do? I have got baits and traps around that have been working really well, but it doesn't stop the little blighters entering the aviary



Sheeting the bottom of the aviary works for mice as long as you dont have a soil floor they can dig into as well. Also block holes at roof level if mice can climb anything ( trees fences ) to come in at roof level.


Thanks Kaz :) Today is a nice day so I'll get out and cut and attach it all. No soil floor in my aviary - all concrete.


Yes the roof is my next problem - I thought I had sealed it enough but obviously not as I saw a cheeky one last night climbing up in through one of the metal beams. I be moving the aviary to the edge of the concrete pad too - which will make the tree, which had been hacked right back, further away.

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I now have another two aviaries :D haha :blush: I sold one of mine as it ended up not being the right size for the area I have. I will most likely only use one of these two, and sell the other, but unsure until I draw up a better plan for my setup :D






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Excellent :D You rock !!

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Thanks Kaz :D I have been rather quiet on the forums and at the budgie meetings but I'm constantly on the look out for ways to improve my setup :D


Cost me $350 for both of the aviaries, which I am happy about because sometimes it's so expensive just for one! Can't wait to use them! I need to get a picture of my other small aviary I have too haha

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Nice Amy :)

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Looks a million bucks Amy, good job, hoping to get my birdroom done over the next month!

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They look great Amy if you have room for both. My hubby joined 2 garden sheds (very similar to yours) he pop rivetted the two together then cut a door from one into the other so you can walk through. Works well as shed, could be a way for you to join yours. :rolleyes:

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I...... ahhhh...... think I may have an aviary obsession,,,,I just purchased another aviary :blush:


Welcome to aviary number 6 - hope the link works - photobucket has changed since I last used it. I have plans, and am hoping I can use all of the aviaries in the plans :P


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Well done.........Can never have too many aviaries... :)

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wow nice i want some like that lol hence word used was SOME

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I agree nice aviary.

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