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Time To Vote For December 2009 Budgie Of The Month


Time to Vote  

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I can't believe that it is already December. Once the December Budgie of the Month winner is voted for and won I will put up the votingfor "Budgie of the Year". Budgie of the Year photos are compilations of all the monthly winners. As long as the monthly winner kept their photo up and it is not a broken link they are entered. The one with the most votes will WIN "Budgie of the Year for 2009"

You can enter now for January 2010 if you like :lol:. Everyone can enter monthly, starting in 2010 though there will be 1 new rule which I will add to the post that once you win a month you will not qualify to win again so it gives others a chance too :lol:.


Voting will close in three days - please no comments if you have questions feel free to pm me.

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