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Egg With Brown Spot Peeping

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So sorry kazoo...I know it's heartbreaking. I had one chick die trying to hatch and it made me feel so guilty for not being able to help. :rip:


But keep your chin up...my two went on to have four gorgeous healthy chicks that they've done a champion job raising...just took them a while to figure it out with the first tries.

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I am frequently having to spoon the eggs back into the nest,



I am sorry you lost your chick :( One comment based on what you said about the eggs. Budgies warm them in and under them and out again all in sequence. Often an egg that seems pushed aside isnt, its just out for awhile while others are warmed. You often see a mother ...when you look in the nestbox, reach out for these eggs that are further away and she pulls them in under her. By us interfering we change the order of the eggs being warmed. There is a sequence that shouldnt be interfered with.

I do understand also, its hard to guage what to do with a hen that seems to not be with it as far as automatic mothering skills, so you are just doing the best you can.

For the future, breeding with multiple pairings helps at times like this as we can then have more choices as to fosters for eggs or babies. :rip:



PS it is also possible from your first description in this topic that the mother may have pierced the egg with her claw and caused an ealry hatching or the chick just hatched too early ....in which case the chick would most often die due to an early hatching.

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Thank you everyone, for the support through this experiences, the condolances, and the helpful information. I feel I have learned a great deal through this experience as a first-time breeder: Kaz, Renee, Robyn, and others who took the time to explain and guide, your advice through this was invaluable to me and much appreciated. I feel, at this point, surprised at how much grief I am experiencing, especially for the first chick, whom I held and named. I found all in all, that the nurturing and support involved in breeding these tiny, vulnerable little babies interests me and may consider it again. However, my sense after all of this is that, should I decide to get further involved, a nice placid, hand-reared mother around would be a definite must, since I agree with your comment, Renee, that this has probably left its mark on mom.


Kaz, thank you for that information about the spooning of the eggs. I did interfere, and probably stressed her out more and contributed to this outcome. In fact I interfered all the way through because of my need to remove the eggs from the bottom of the cage, then place them in the nesting box. It was only the last egg she actually laid in the box. I sensed, by the end however, that things had gone hari-kari -- one of the eggs was pitched back out of the nesting box (a chick attempting to hatch) and the two remaining eggs had rolled right to the edge of the box with the food dish pulled over the nesting cup, and my sense was that she had abandoned them, and I observed yesterday that she stopped incubating. One of these two eggs was clearly pink and matched the infertile egg pictures I saw.


Should I proceed further I will certainly turn to you all for your excellent support and advice. Thank you so much.

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