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?action=view&current=Newbudgie010.jpg Hi Folks.

I had a budgie fly into my sons yard.


One of his mates threw a t shirt over it and caught it.

It was really hungry and is in a quarantine cage at the moment.

It seems to be a young bird and is resonably tame.

It will readilly sit on my finger and sit on my shoulder.


I initially thought it to be a cock but in a week its cere is changing to brown.


I have tried to post a picture but havn't had much sucess.

Can someone tell me how to upload a Jpeg file.



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You cant upload directly...you have to upload to a host like photobucket and then post the link or full size picture if its 480 by 640 :fingerscrossed:

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Thanks Kaz.


I think I have it Sussed now.

It's a bit long winded but I got there.








I was halfway through and my machine shut down.


I initially thought this was a cock.

Not so sure now.

How old is it and what are the colour variations of this bird?




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SHE is a yellowface skyblue spangle. looks opaline too. FEMALE not male. Maybe 8 months to a year old.

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