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Good Pairings And Good Show Stock?

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I have a few questions. First of, I am getting into showing and currently have only 5 exhibition types, but I am getting another two later on. Birds that I am aiming to breed are Cinnamon varieties but my main aim is a WF Sky Blue Cinnamon. I love cinnamon birds and am also looking at lacewing and maybe fallow later on.

First off, here are my plans to breeding the 7 birds. Can you please tell me if these are good plans and what they will get.


YF Grey X Unknown.The hen was meant to be a Spangle Lacewing, but she deosn't have red eyes so me and the breeder are a bit confused. She has poor cinnamon markings though.






(Pet Types for some violets)

TCB Violet X Normal Violet

What will I get?


(Two new birds, Exhibition type)

cinnamon green recessive pied X Sky blue Cock.

split recessives, with the cocks also being split cinnamon


I want to breed my Exhibition Light green Cinnamon Spangle with my pet type Olive Cinnamon. Then I want to breed a hen from them with a cock from the one above.


Do these plans sound okay? I know I am putting a pet type with an exhibition one but I am hoping to breed the pet type back out and keep the colour.

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Your hen looks double factor spangle to me although she could also be lacewing. I can see some colour on her.


Some advice


As for breeding cinnamon spangles for showing if you really intend on showing these birds you best not to try and breed cinnamon spangles as judges do not like them. IT WASHES OUT THEIR COLOUR and it is hard for them to win.

Mind you cinnamon is taking over in my aviary and I have never tried to breed cinnamon but all cock birds that I have bought and bred are mostly split cinnamon. :(


When I started out 4 seasons ago I had every breed under the sun plus a bird from here and a bird from there but when I really decided to get serious I was told to focus on the dominant breeds and leave the harder ones till I get to know everything I am doing.


Which is what I did.

Plus I focused buying my birds from 2 breeders after working out a line I wanted.


It has all paid off as I have been doing well in the shows for a beginner :)

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She does have some weak cinnamon on her.


I actually don't want to go near cinnamon spangles, I personally don't like them very much. I want to focus on Blue cinnamon and Green, maybe violet.


I have got my birds from the same breeder, she is really awesome and a big help.

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wow a lovely hen you have

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She does look like a lacewing but if she does not have red eyes then she is not. The lilac cheek patch and cinnamon spots and markings (even if they are poor) does indicate lacewing. Pink feet too (indicating cinnamon). Take her into the sunlight and have a good look at her eye colour compared to a normal blackeyed variety.

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