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Some Pics Of My Babies


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These 3 are from my yellow DF spangle next are full nest mates to my white DF spangles that did well in the shows. They are showing good protenial but are very light in colour.

From the parents so far all up first nest last year I got 1 cinnamon sky Spangle hen which is stunning, 1 white DF spangle hen, second nest 3 white DF spangle 2 cocks and one hen which MB bought the hen. So far this year they have 1 Lt green spangle cock, 1 white DF spangle and 1 sky blue spangle cock. their last nest which was fostered out there are these 3 yellow DF spangles.

These 2 birds have done me good as out of all the babies I have only culled 1 bird.





This cobalt opaline hen is out of a light green pied and a cobalt. Thay had 3 babies this one and a DK green pied the 3rd one died a 2 weeks.





These 3 Yellow DF Spangles are out of yellow Df spangle and a DK green spangle Uncle/niece mating they seem to have green suffusion . Worst tha the ones above. But they are better colour than the one above. The mother has been plucking thier down, they are fostered now.



These 3 are from my old boy and violet nest. there are 4 all up one is in a nother nest

There is a violet in there and a cinnamon violet



This nest there is only one from the parents and it looks to be grey green. the others are fostered.

The father of this one is my big grey green that up till now I thought he was useless, he would think by putting his foot on the hen was the job done so at least this year he has done a little more than that he is an 07 bred bird



This is the old boy my foundation cock, he is father to my violets and this grey green



This is him as a baby



This nest is white Df spangle hen full sister to my white ones this is a half brother/ half sister and they only had 1 fertile egg and it is a white DF spangle the others are fostered


this nest is my A Rowe cock and and a watson hen there are 5 left out of seven. there is only the 3 youngest in the nest now as I fostered the oldest out. The 1st nest of these guys I got 3 and they were lt green and Dk green and they are looking really good.



This nest is from one of my violet cocks that I bred last year and he is with his niece a white DF spangle they only had 2 babies One violet spangle looking really nice and a coblat spangle. the others are fostered.



I hope you like. My breeding season up till now has been terriable clear egg after clear egg.

I will take some photos in a couple of days to see how they gave changed these pics were take about 10 days ago :wub:

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Amazing :)



See you at the nationals next year babe............you are gonna get there. :wub:

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Don't think so Kaz but thanks anyway. :wub:

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You are way to humble. You may have less chicks this year but you certainly have quality :wub:

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look how big thay are wow

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Thanks Kaz :wub: Yes Shannon they differently have good feather length which comes from their dad. :D and they are all good size birds.Here is a brother to the yellow DF spangles at the top of the pageThis one was reserve for the national team at Burnie but didn't go.



This is his brother and just as good



Full sistersnewbirds079.jpg


this years full brother, I haven't got one of the sky blue spangle yet.


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Your babies look absolutely amazing splat! I would be having a party if I bred babies like that :D

I havent been on the forum for a while and just as I thought I had a couple of good ones coming through I saw yours and realise I still have many miiiiiiiiiiiiiiles to go!!


Keep up the good work :wub:

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Thanks Sunnie :wub: You probably do have some good ones coming through. good luck with your breeding Sunnie :D

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Gorgeous babies Splat - just love the direction feather you have throughout your stud!!!

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Congrats on your babies they are gorgeous

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just think you may be having bad season but they all good quality only one culled thats great

each one of these will produce more so in long run your season wasnt so bad as quality over quantity i always say

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These babies are just BEAUTIFUL :D


I realize it's because it's a baby but it looks as if it's beak is polished teak!!! :sad:


How cool is that!!!!

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Beautiful babies!!

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Thanks everyone, Nubbly I like the directional feather too :D

If i get time today I will take a few more pics because they are a few days older and have changed heaps :sad:

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I am hanging out for more :sad: Splat



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Tomorrow Kaz, took some photos but haven't time today have sick yellow DF spangle baby in top photo needs warmth so just cutting perspex for hospital cage.

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here are some babies a bit older and now in the kindy cage.

From this

mybirdnewbreedingroomandbabies02-1.jpg to this mybirdnewbreedingroomandbabies052.jpg


I am really happy with this Dark green pied


His sister cobalt opaline from this

mybirdnewbreedingroomandbabies028.jpg to this mybirdnewbreedingroomandbabies054.jpg



Yellow DF Spangle from this

mybirdnewbreedingroomandbabies027.jpg to thismybirdnewbreedingroomandbabies058.jpg


I think this is a diferent one as the 3 all look the same



Dark green hen



Her brother that I really like as he has a lovely long wide bib



Hope you all like :)

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Superb babies!! I especially like the opaline cobalt. Can't wait to see a photo once it moults out, that feather is fantastic.

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If all my babies looked like yours I would be a very very happy girl :)

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thay are looking good

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If all my babies looked like yours I would be a very very happy girl :D


I think yours do Kaz :)

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Superb babies!! I especially like the opaline cobalt. Can't wait to see a photo once it moults out, that feather is fantastic.

I think she will be heavily flecked on the cap Hamish but she should still be a good hen hopefully :)

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