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Mice Issues..argh!

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Hi all,


not sure if this is the right place to post the topic, but just wondering if any one else is having issues with mice plague??


I seem to have a problem with them lately, so far over 4 nights we have caught 28 mice in their cage! Is any one else having this problem too? What do you do to stop it or prevent it?


I have been taking their seed containers out at night and putting a trap in there for the mice. (don't sweat, safe for the birds)



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Post a picture of the cage and its location and we can probloem solve from there.

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Having a clean cage/aviary can help... But I find once you have mice they are normally always around somewhere even if you think their gone... Try catching them live or with a trap in or near the aviary... Aviod put bait in or near the aviary... I've heard some people have had problems with their birds dieing from the bait... I have a recipe I use...


Mouse & Rat Killer


1/2 cup of Cornflour

1/2 cup of Cement



Mix 1/2 a cup of Cornflour with 1/2 cup of cement, thoroughly. Place small amounts in margarine containers near the entrance holes or where you know the mice & rats are entering. Shake the containers each day to stop the cement from settling on the bottom. Rats and mice will go to find water resulting in dead pests.


Again, try to keep it out of the aviary... Oh and if a cat finds the mouse before you do... The cat wont die from eating a poisoned mouse... :)


Good luck...

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Be very aware that mice going through the birds food can cause deaths in your birds in 24 hours.

First things first get the food up off the ground or off mesh walls so mice cannot get to the food. Throw out all in the existing food and start with fresh food. Raise it up on pedestals and platforms that a mouse cannot get into. Mice will get through the average aviary mesh that is 25mm by 12mm...they will get through anything 12mm diameter, including bars of cages. If your aviary has mesh down to ground level, put some tin sheeting on so a mouse cannot get a foothold and get up and through the mesh. Mice can climb brick walls and wood. They can run upside down from aviary mesh on the roof of an aviary and drop onto the food. If the cage or aviary is against a brick wall the mice will run up and across the wall and into the cage or aviary.

You need to buy traps and bait boxes for hidden poison. You need to think like a tiny mouse and block access into the aviary. You need to check the aviary from inside as often they are living inside in the first place. If you have soil floor aviaries then you will find they dig their way in, they can even dig through some concrete depending how thick it is. If you find mouse tunnels, flood them with a hose and water and be prepared to kill the ones that run out when you do it.

Free food at your aviary will support a colony of mice.....they breed up fast so you need to be serious about knocking the problem on the head.

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you need to kill all the mice asap, in my opinion they are one of the worst things that could happen to your birds.

They can get through bird wire and they can burrow underground.

Cement the base of the aviary and put tin 1 foot high around the entire perimeter. Put rat sack/baits around the outside.

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Agree with others... They need to be removed. I prefer traps, and bait them with peanut butter. I never put them in my aviary, more so in the bird room next door. When you say cage... do you mean cage or avairy that you walk in??? Inside, outside etc... Agree with Kaz, photo would help.

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Guest DrNat

Cats are good for controlling mouse plagues. Lots of little mouse and rat parcels left at the door as presents. There are plenty of cats that need a home and a job to earn their keep.

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Hi guys, thanks for the help, so far, touch wood, since then i havent had any more mice problems.


my budgies are in a cage, not an aviary, i have their food right up the top of the cage, with water under neath, i also have a bowl on the bottom of the cage with the seed that hasnt been eaten - has some husks, but not many.


when it gets to about 5pm i push the cage back towards the wall, but i leave about a foot between the cage and the wall, so the mice cannot get in. - (during the day they are out in the middle of the car port to get some sun, still protected from butcher birds etc) i also take all the food away from them, so there is nothing else the mice can eat. in the bottom corner of the cage, i put a trap (its like a cage with very fine wire, i put the slice of bread in and the mice go in the top of the trap and get stuck there til the morning when i can drown them (sorry, yes a little gross)). in the morning i take the cage out, and put all their seed back in and then repeat the process the next night.


I think we're about due for a plague again as we are having a bit of rain this week :)


Next step will be to try the bait with cement trick. apparently a lot of farmers around here are doing it so that it doesnt hurt the hawks etc.

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A tip for you..........

the mice can run up the wall and jump over to the cage very easily, even with it one foot from the wall.

Solution, put a sheet of tin standing vertical against the wall so mice cannot acces the wall in that area or jump across to the cage. If not tin, then anything slippery...thick sheet plastic perhaps.

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Arrg alright! Hope you don't get a plague. In the middle of one you must wash greasey hands after hamburgers etc. or risk waking up after a night on the tiles minus a layer of skin on your hands!!!... By that stage cats are not any use. I dare say as the food source disappears they may very well be in peril themselves, when the mice are HUNGRY, then STARVING!!! But i talk of our plague's on the west coast where they carpet the roads around silo's.

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Don't use normal mice traps as you will get the birds as well. There are traps for mice that catch them live. These are good for the birds.

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How big is your cage? Can you bring it in of a night time? This is when mice are most active.

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You need only one thing "Pest Control". Pest control your house from inner outer all over and you see mice will be vanished in no time.

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