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I'm Still Around

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Hi all, I haven't been around for ages, but I thought I would pop in and give you an update on my flock! ;)


Bobby is still going strong, his normal cheeky self!








The only thing he loves more than the camera is himself!



My sweet Sunshine isn't well, he has to go into isolation every few weeks as he has poor lungs. The vet says he has scarring on his lung tissue and he likens it to asthma in a human, it's something he developed apparently as a baby in the nest. He coughs and tail bobs a lot, but he is still a happy chirpy boy. He isn't at all contagious and is fine to be in with the other budgies. I feel so sorry for him when he is in isolation on his meds, he looks so sad and lonely, but I hate hearing him cough or gasp as well. He is a strong little boy though and I have no doubt he will be with me for a long time.








My gorgeusly green Sparkie is the least tame of my budgies, happy just bein a budgie! I mainly call him Sparkles now as he is just so bright and vibrant he is always the first one I see in the cage!








Sherbie I call my little chuppa chup, she is a really sweet girl, she is semi tame and always needs rescuing when she falls short of her landing target! She doesn't fly too well! I did have her in isolation on a diet, but having 2 males swoon all over her constantly during out time didn't help her diet all that much, so I let her go back in with the flock, and just try to make her fly a bit more...





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Oh Riebie hun, I was just thinking about you as I was looking through old posts! So pleased to see you and your flock are well, they are cute and sweet as ever! I love them all, as always. I can't pick a favourite ;)


Sorry to hear about Sunny's condition, hope he continues to do well on his meds.

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Oh wow thank you!! It's quite funny cause I saw your sig earlier today and smiled! It's always been a fav of mine!


Here is the rest of my flock!



Bobbie is by the sweetest of my birds, he's just is so easy going! Loves a chin scratch and to sit in my hair! He is always first to the side of the cage for a chat when I come in to say hello!For those who don't know and are wondering why I have 2 birds called Bobby(ie), this Bobbie is a rehome and I just didn't want to rename him. I tried to call him Poppet for a while but it didn't suit him. It's not to confusing have two called the same name! They usually sit next to each other so I just have to say hi Bobby(ie) once!!I have heaps more pics but my posts are automatically merged and it's too many for one post!



Perhaps I should rename him Skittle!




I can always rely on Bobbie to be the first to any new foods I put in for them to try! It's great, when the other birds see him eating they aren't so afraid of it!


Trixi is really quite a sweet little girl, who warmed to me suddenly out of the blue and now is quite friendly! She will often come over to listen to my mindless chatter and will give me kisses through the bar. Trixi is a Creamino budgie and I was so excited when she was given to me as a rehome, if anyone here remembers I simply loved the creamino's!







Training hard with Sunshine for the budgie olympics!


Even though Leo isn't a budgie, he thinks he is, and even sounds like one! He does a great angry dolphin, and is totally and completely besotted with Sherbie, and when they are out he will not leave her side! She really doesn't mind, and loves to sit between Leo & Sparkie and lap up the attention from both of them!









Who can see the jealous boyfriend looking on??!!


And just a group shot of them all hanging out together!



Hope you enjoy ;)

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WOW WOW...so good to see you back ;), I love seeing pictures of the flock and the new ones too :).

Hugs on Sunshine.

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they look very cute :wub: Glad you took the time to post the pics ^_^

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Gorgeous pics and gorgeous flock :wub: Glad to see you still around! ^_^

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About time you popped in for another visit ^_^


Great photos mate :wub:

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Lovely photos, love your birds so cute ;)

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