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New ** May Contest ** All "others" But Budgies!

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Linda, got me thinking it has been a while since we had an Off Topic Contest so I thought that since we all seem to have more then 1 pet let's have a contest for the reminder of May called "All Others" BUT Budgies.



1. submit ONE photo that you have taken of any of your pets such as lizards, cats, dogs, horses, parrots but budgies, fish etc....


2. Make sure the photo is NOT a link and no larger then 480x640

3. All photos will show up here in the post BUT we ask no comments just photos, all comments will be deleted we want to keep everything organized.


4. The contest will end on May 31st, American Eastern Standard Time, that means for those in AU that gives you almost a whole extra day depending on where you live. Then, I will put up the pictures in a poll for voting by our membership.


If you have questions please PM me.

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