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To quote Munchie's Mum,

We don't actually have WIRES here in Victoria. I'm not officially registered anywhere, honestly because I don't know how/where to go about it.


If anyone has any information on a Tafe course or something similar that we could do, I'm sure we'd both really appreciate it :)

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Good idea Sunshine :).


I have myself listed with a couple of vets and registered pet shelters to foster and/or adopt birds in need of a home, and I advertise on Gumtree, Petlink and the local classifieds.I would like to find out how to officially register as a bird shelter, and complete any necessary courses to do so.


(By the way, mods feel free to move my topic on rescued birds to this category- I didn't know it was here). :(


Sunshine, do you run a bird rescue shelter too?

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Sort of.. My parents have been finding alot of injured birds recently.. (Every person who lives on their street owning a cat doesn't help much) In the last few weeks they have bought over a musk lorikeet, mum found it at the local park being harassed by "little brown birds" the poor little thing died before the vet would see it, I was waiting in the waiting room when it died :(. A magpie which dad took off his friends dog, it was fine just had a few feathers missing and a cockatiel that had a very badly broken wing, I left it at the vet's and they rang a few hours later to tell me they had found its owner and that it was fine.


I always seem to end up with heaps of pets (of all sizes!) At the moment I've got a rabbit and dog, a cat, another cat on the way (i'm getting a kitten off a friend), my budgies, a goldfish and rat.. lol


I've alway's loved looking after animals.. :)

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