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the knights

Infertile Eggs?

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Hi forum,


I'd love to get some advice on a pair. Cock 2yrs old, hen 18mths - first clutch. Laid 6 eggs - 1st laid 26/3/09, etc. I've candled them today and saw no evidence of chicks forming. The first egg is due to hatch on 13/4/09, etc. They seemed to have a real upset last night. Hen flying wildly in the cage. Cock in the box yelling. She had been previously very good at incubating the eggs. Now she is not in the box.


What should I do? Remove the eggs and or split the pair?




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Maybe they were fertiled but she didnt incubate properly and the embryo died?

I really hate candling my eggs , simply because I am terrible at it.

I can usually have some idea if they are fertile or not by the colours. Infertile will be pinkish/clear and fertile will be pure white.


I would personally wait to see if they hatch by the due date, its not too far away. I have got rid of eggs with chicks inside before and its a terrible feeling. Others may have differing opinions but this is what I reckon.

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