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Budgerigars As Pets

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Melopstiiacus undulatus Size: 19cm in length Pet Status: Excellent Talking Ability: Excellent Noise Level: Low Lifespan: Up to 15 years Breeding Ability: Excellent Number of Eggs: 4-5 eggs Incubation: 18 days Compatibility with other species: Compatible with most other birds including larger parrots. Feeding: Seed and Fruit eaters Health Programmes: Follow the Budgerigar Health Programme. Sexing: Male has blue cere and female whitish brown cere. Not all varieties can be distinguished using this method.


budgie-pet1.jpgThe budgerigar originates from the arid centre of Australia and has become one of the most popular pet birds kept throughout the world. These small, hardy birds make excellent pets for anyone over the age of 6. They can be fantastic talkers and have a tremendous mimicking ability. When choosing a pet budgerigar it is best to select:

  • A young weaned male budgie.
  • The most intelligent budgie in the cage. These are the most lively and inquisitive ones.
  • The bird with the best feathers. The young budgie must have a full tail and wings.

Read the Whole Article > Here on Dr Rob Marshall's Website <




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