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Budgie Owners - Who Are You?

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We have so many new members that have joined and we would love for you to get to know us and us know you a little better. I wrote up a standard "Who are You" questionaire feel free to copy and paste, add to it and you only have to answer what you feel comfortable answering.


First me:


Name: Elly


Pets: Merlin the budgie, 3 cats, 2 dogs (1 is a rescued puppymill parent), fish, hermit crabs and of course my kids (are they pets or not :hap:)


Favorite Color: depends on what we are talking about...in a car I love black but paint on my walls I love earth tones.


Astrological Sign: Virgo


Age: over 30 plus group :D


Weakness: Tend to be too critical of others at times (part of being a Virgo)


Strength: I hope --- helping others


Favorite Animal: well I love them all but I just LOVE dogs


Favorite T.V. Show: well since I love dogs I love the Dog Whisper I enjoy watching him the most severe issues and I love his dog Daddy the pit bull.


Live: in the USA


How long have been a BBC member:...:): I think almost 3 years when I got my first budgie Pretty in Sept of 2005. He helped me heal after my dad passed away in August, I think I had a need to love something new and now I am stuck on budgies. Who would think such a little creature could give so much love.


Anything else?....I am typically a very quiet, shy person, but with my friends I am very out going, I love honestly even if it hurts :(, I have enjoyed the many friendships that I have made on the forum.

Edited by Elly

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Name: deborah


Pets:Tweety and Runt are my house budgies and then 11 in the aviary,2 cats, 3 quails,5 fish and i have a husband and 4 kids who take as much work to look after as my pets.


Favorite Color: green


Astrological Sign: libra,


Age: 37


Weakness:i am a absolute control freak and have to be organised and neat.


Strength: no idea of my strengths.


Favorite Animal:i have 2, budgies and cats


Favorite T.V. Show:i love crime investigation shows, like Law and Order,CSI,Bones,etc




How long have been a BBC member:...: only a few months but it feels longer because everyone here is so friendly and makes you feel at home.

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Elly this is a great idea :(Laughing out loud):


Name: Cathy


Pets: Hobbes and Claire my budgies, Sweetpea my siamese kitty, Snowflake my Himalayan Dwarf bunny


Favorite Color: GREEN


Astrological Sign: Aries


Age: 29, next month l will be 30 :hap:



Weakness: Eating food that is not the healthiest choice :hap:


Strength: being a good listener and a shoulder to cry on


Favorite Animal: l love them all


Favorite T.V. Show: Bones.


Live: in Canada


How long have been a BBC member: l have been a member since march 13, 2006 so l will have been on for 2 years soon.


Anything else? I am also a shy person offline, but once l get to know someone l'm more outgoing with them. l just take a little time to warm up :)

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Name: Sarah


Pets: Max, Harry and Millie (rescue cat) all cats, and Sherbet and Fizzy the budgies


Favorite Color: pink


Astrological Sign: Cancer


Age: 20, 21 this year


Weakness: Getting stressed out easily


Strength: Patience


Favorite Animal: Cats


Favorite T.V. Show: Family Guy


Live: iAussie


How long have been a BBC member: Since August last year


Job: I'm at TAFE doing my Surveying Diploma, last year this year and l'm working 4-5 days a week as a Surveying Technician Party Leader :hap:

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Name: Olivia


Pets: 20+ budgies, 7 Cockatiels, 1 Canary, 2 fighting fish, 1 maltiseXpoodle Spunky and 2 kids :)


Favorite Color: Anything other than Yellows...


Astrological Sign: Aires


Age: 24, 25 very soon :hap:


Weakness: Chocolate and of course budgies and other animals


Strength: My family, my budgies and animals


Favorite Animal: I love budgies and cockatiels. but All animals are very special to me :D


Favorite T.V. Show: HOUSE MD!!! love it, love it, love it!!! hehehe


Live: South Australia


How long have been a BBC member:...Oct 07... I'm still a baby hehehe


Anything else?....I am a shocking speller hehehe!!! I am quiet shy person. I like being around people i know and love. :hap:

Edited by **Liv**

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Name: Ivan


Pets: 1 Rabbit and at the moment 30 + budgies


Favourite Colour: I llike the earthy colours


Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Age: 36


Weakness: Where do I start, I am a Football (soccer) & Rugby League fanatic no one can bother me when I watch Manly Sea Eagles, Manchester United, Newcastle Jets and of course Australia


Strengths: Family orientated I have two young boys who I will do anything for.


Favourite Animal: The budgie of course


Favourite TV Show: there are a few, Star Trek (All of them), I also enjoy the new Robun Hood Series and Primeval.


How long have I been a Member: October 2007


Live: Sydney Australia


Job: Im in IT Admin

Edited by Ikon

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...Great topic Elly :D


Name: Bec

Pets: 3 Dogs: Missy, Murray, Molly, 2 Cats: Kiara & Dakota, 1 Ferret: Artemis, 2 Rats: Shay & Scabbers, 1 Cockatiel Bumblebee, The Budgies, Canaries, Zebra Finches, Quails, Lizards and lots of coldwater & tropical Fish.


Favorite Color: Blue's, but I do like alot of colours.


Astrological Sign: Aquarius


Age: 19


Weakness: Animals ;)


Strength: Good with young kids (comes from years of coaching) and I always try to stay positive/try and see things in a positive light.


Favorite Animal: Only one?! Hmmm, a hard one probably a Wolf or White Tiger


Favorite T.V. Show: The Simpsons


Live: In Victoria, Australia

How long have been a BBC member: Since October 2007 (I think :D )


Anything else? I love to read, mainly fantasy books, draw whatever pops out of my strange imagination and write my "novel".

I love ALL animals great and small (but I think everyone sort of figured that already ;) )


And when my injury is 'better', I want to go back to uni or TAFE and do an "animal course", hopefully vet or vet nursing.



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Name: Elisabeth (libby)


Pets: 100+ budgies, 13 weero's, 4 love birds, 2 lorikeets,1 cockatoo,1 barraband, 1 galah, 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 rabbits, 8 quails, 30 fish... i think that's all


Favorite Color: pastel pink, blues and purples


Astrological Sign: Scorpio


Age: 18!!!


Weakness: Animals!


Strength: Loyalty, to family, friends, animals and anyone who deserves it. Honesty.


Favorite Animal: horses, dogs and birds


Favorite T.V. Show: outrageous fortune (kiwi show) and SVU


Live: Perth W.A.


How long have been a BBC member: about 6 months now


Anything else?: I'm out going, but don't like to be rude.... I'm a family and friend based person and don't like not being surrounded by people... My animals, family and friends are my life and i'd do anything for them ;) about all really...

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Name: Anita - Neat


Pets: 13+ budgies, 1 Dog JD, 1 Pony Selina,


Favorite Color: Sea Grean and & Teal But I am going thru a purple stage :rolleyes:


Astrological Sign: GEMINI - I have a multi personality disorder (Laughing out loud)

Age: 27


Weakness: TOTAL GULABUL - unorganised and Inpaitent, Bad speller, feel for others ( this could also be a strength


Strength: Loyalty, Honesty, It's all or nothing Being a MUM


Favorite Animal: don't have favourites ( i can't choose )


Favorite T.V. Show: Crime ones I love Bones, oh and HOUSE rocks, MEN IN TREES until the axed it again :angry:

Live: Rossmore, NSW

How long have been a BBC member: 1 year ( in 20 days )


Anything else?: Started my own business in June 06 so i try to get on here when In can - I've been told I am like one of the boys Uh??? I love to laugh and learn new things Since i had acute brain damage in 2000 (car accident ) I have real bad memory and attention span But I am all good, Nothing really bothers me Ihate being Lied too or being called a liar I am a free will Kendrad spirt ...

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Name: Karen


Pets:5 cats Orlando ( lilac siamese boy ) Ruskie ( Birman seal point boy ) Khan ( sealpoint siamese kitten ) Chai ( sealpoint siamese kitten )

Tish ( Morticia ) black smoke devon rex kitten

2 dogs....CRICKET Cavalier king charles tricolour and MAGGIE her daughter..same type and colour

plus 300 or so budgies, about 15 parrots, various canaries and finches.



Favorite Color: Purple and black



Astrological Sign: Capricorn



Age: over 50 plus group


Weakness: find it hard to say NO to people and work



Strength: generosity of spirit and financial....giving



Favorite Animal: cats and birds



Favorite T.V. Show: anything crime stories, anything animals including the dog whisperer


Live: Western Australia


How long have been a BBC member:. ..5 years


anything else ? I drive a 1959 cadillac hearse

Edited by KAZ

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Name: Tracy


Pets: About 70 budgies, native australian parrots and grass parrots, Morris my Sun Conure and Saffy my Blue Quaker (who TOTALLY own me) 2 dogs - a husky (my lil wolf) and a shitzu x terrier (my lil mutt), a cat, a bearded dragon, a handful of fish and a turtle


Favorite Color: Purple, black and red


Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Age: 42


Weakness: Food, birds


Strength: Good listener, positive attitude, loyal friend, fun to be with, compassionate


Favorite Animal: Wolves, dogs, birds


Favorite T.V. Show: At the moment, Underbelly and Cashmere Mafia


Live: Adelaide, South Australia


How long have been a BBC member: I think about 6 months


Anything else?: My fiance offered to build me an aviary and created a monster! We now have 6 of them :rolleyes: and I will forever be in his debt for introducing me to the wonderful world of birds. I also love my dogs dearly and enjoy hanging out with friends (with a good wine or two!) I love my wonderful son too, when he is not being the "teenmonster" (Laughing out loud).

Edited by Sunnie

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Name: Darryl


Pets: Some 100 + Budgies. House Pets. 3 Budgies George, Angel and Chirpy.


Favorite Color: Colours of nature


Astrological Sign: Aquarius


Age: 44


Weakness: find it hard to say NO to people and work (Same as Kaz)

Strength: Good Natured and a supporting Wife.

Favorite Animal: Budgerigars

Favorite T.V. Show: Anything on Cooking, Woodworking and DIYs


Live: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

How long have been a BBC member:. 1st Joined 1st April 2005

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Name: James

Pets: 2 Dogs - Icey and Kimmie

Favorite Color: Blue


Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Age: 26


Weakness: I'm an impulse shopper.

Strength: I'll make you think your sane :-)


Favorite Animal: Budgie's duh.

Favorite T.V. Show: Boston Legal

Live: Melbourne

How long have been a BBC member:... :hap: : I think 4 days now... 3 or 4... Been a great 3 or 4 days though. You guys know heaps.


Anything else? Ummm... Really want to keep budgies... My wife says I need to do a business plan before I get one though (Laughing out loud). Well actually I think a business plan would be easier to do than what I need to find out but with your help I am sure we can convince her... I'm already wearing her down :D

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Guest lonebudgie

Name: Matt

Pets: Budgies, Lots of.

Fav colour: Shades of Blue

Astrology sign: Aquarius

Age: 32 , Feel 42 at times (Laughing out loud)

Weakness:I procrastinate

Strength:Generious and always willing to help out

Fav animal : All the black cockatoos , would love some!!

Fav TV: Rock Wiz on SBS

Live:Centralcoast NSW

BBC member: For a year

Anything else: Well this could go on forever, Love live music ,theartre and Art .

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Name: Helena


Pets: 2 dogs (Oxi and Belinda), 24 budgies and 4 cockatiels........and mice :D , but not for long :hap:


Favorite Color: normally I like purple and white, but now I'm in love with beige and orange :fear


Astrological Sign: Taurus


Age: 25


Weakness: I'm too sensitive -_-


Strength: I like helping people and animals


Favorite Animal: I love horses and parrots (I really like Hyacinth macaws, they are gorgeous :wub: )


Favorite T.V. Show: CSI's and NCIS


Live: in the Czech Republic


How long have been a BBC member:...: 2 years :P , I didn't realize it's been so long...

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Guest throwback

Name: Craig


Pets: 55 Budgies and growing, 1 dog, 1 cat


Favorite Color: Blue opal (Colour of my car )


Astrological Sign: Arias


Age: 43 in April


Weakness: Tend to take the sarcastic approach to things. ( What do they call that? Poor mans wit ! Isn't it )


Strength: Very Generous


Favorite Animal: Our Husky


Favorite T.V. Show: I don't watch much T.V, only my old DVD's of my budgies and a old Budgerigar World tape. Spend to much time on the P.C.


Live: Central Coast in N.S.W


How long have been a BBC member: Jan 2008


Anything else? I'm at a great stage of my life, I have lived on the coast all my life, spent most of that surfing. I have had a go at everything from downhill mountain biking to building show cars to racing motorbikes. I'm into solar power ( My other hobby ) it's backup power for my house. I have two great kids! 'OH' and a great wife been together over 20 years married for over 17 years.

I'm very lucky!


Edited by throwback

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I was ignoring this thread, being lazy :D



Name: Aly


Pets: Jaspa and Gypsea, the doggie woggies (both rescues), Tinkabell, Mulky and Stripe, the kitty--cats, Kazumi, the indoor budgie and too many outdoor aviary birds to name (yes, most of them have a name AND a number :hap: )


Favorite Color:no contest, hot pink and anything that sparkles (I'm a leo)


Astrological Sign: see above


Age: 42 years young


Weakness: Being too hard on myself


Strength: determined, organised


Favorite Animal: I have always loved all animals.. the animal I crave at the moment is another Kelpie (dog)


Favorite T.V. Show: All saints (Aussie hospital drama), Ghost whisperer, Medium?? No real favourite, I don't watch a lot of tv



Live: yes, yes I do! oh, I see what you mean... Perth, Western Australia


How long have been a BBC member:...: 18 months-ish


Anything else? I am a mum on wheels from a car accident nearly 6 years ago. I hope to get a hand controlled car soon :wub: I am mother to three amazing, fantastic kids who I love dearly.




Edited by Feathers

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Name: ................ I'm known as Maesie here :wub:


Pets: 13 year old female Cat: Sammi, Bearded Dragon: Albert, Central Netted Dragon: Wilbur, 6 Budgies: John (F), Paul (F), George (M), Ringo (F), Crackle (F) and Tweet Tweet (M)... and 2 Cockatiels Bert (F?) and Ernie (M!)


Favorite Color: Depending on what it's for... as a colour I like PINK whilst my bedroom etc... I'm into natural tones and black/white


Astrological Sign: Aries


Age: I'll be 29 when I'm over in Bali


Weakness: I can be quick to judge people (but I am getting better), I'm VERY self critical, and I'm also a little to shy for my liking


Strength: My ability to listen to others and do anything for anyone (almost)


Favorite Animal: too many to choose from.... Echinda? (I have a tatoo of one on my back)


Favorite T.V. Show: mmm I love reality TV, Crime shows, and PRISON BREAK!!!!


Live: Victoria, Australia


How long have been a BBC member: About 3 1/2 months (I'm still a newbie).


Anything else?....I have two tatoos: a frog on my shoulder and an echidna on my back, I prefer my own company. I have a very close family, my two sisters and I can talk about anything. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have are like family to me. I could go on and on............... but I wont bore you :D .

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Name: Donna


Pets: 11 budgies, 1 cockatiel, 1 canary, 1 dog (Jack Russel)


Favourite colour: Aqua blue


Astroliogical sign: Aries


Age: 13 turning 14 soon :D


Weakness: Sometimes I can be a bit TOO soft hearted for animals.


Stengths: Neat :D.


Favourite animal: Birds and dogs


Favourite TV show: The Simpsons


Live: Perth, Australia


How long have been a BBC member: Well, I joined in September 25th last year.

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Name: Vicky


Pets: 3 budgies (George, Franklin and Balki), 1 fighting fish (Harry).


Favorite Color: I like blue and purple.


Astrological Sign: Virgo.


Age: 32.


Weakness: Being too hard on myself (just like Feathers).


Strength: Easy going, friendly and patient. :D


Favorite Animal: Budgies.


Favorite T.V. Show: Big Love and Sex and the City.


Live: Sydney, Australia.


I have been a BBC member now for 4 months. I enjoy this forum and have found people to be very helpful and friendly. It's fantastic to be part of a forum where everyone has a common love for Budgies.


I enjoy spending time with my 3 budgies :D , relaxing on weekends, wining and dining :D , travelling when I have the chance and shopping :wub: .

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Guest Phoebe

Name: Robin


Pets: 6 budgies (Happy, Monty, Buddy, Comet, Sky, Pickle),2 lovebirds (Phoebe, Mango), 2 cockatiels (Dusty, Miss Molly), 1 hamster (Maggie), 1 foster lovebird, 1 foster budgie, 1 foster hedgehog and 2 foster guinea pigs.


Favorite Color: Red or Blue


Astrological Sign: Cancer


Age: over 45 plus group


Weakness: Try to do too much at the expense of myself. And too critical of myself and others, brought up being criticized and it carries on........


Strength: Haven't thought about it, just keep going.


Favorite Animal: Dogs and Birds!! And everybody else! Although I am very allergic to cats and don't care for reptiles. Or mice and rats.


Favorite T.V. Show: Evening News, Cooking Shows, Reality TV shows, Movies.


Live: Canada


How long have been a BBC member: Since October 2005.


Anything else? Was very quiet, withdrawn and scared as a child but somehow got wild and crazy, still over anxious and paranoid but I do my best.






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Thanks in advance for your cooperation from The Moderating Team

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Name: Denise


Pets: 40+ budgies, 2 lop rabbits, 3 kittens and 7 fish


Favorite Color: Purple


Astrological Sign: Libra


Age: 43


Weakness: Can't say no....but I am trying


Strength: Looking after my 5 boys (the oldest of which has moderate to severe cerebral palsy)


Favorite Animal: I would have to say budgies as I can sit there for hours just watching them.


Favorite T.V. Show: Anything I get time to watch.


Live: Victoria, Australia


How long have been a BBC member: Since September 2007 (but don't get enough spare time to come on here much ;-()


Anything else? I have a lot to learn about budgies and appreciate all the time, effort and support all the members on here give!

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Elly this is excellent thread and you believe it or not just very recently I was thinking whether we have a place in BBC forum where we can find the profile of each member :P. Do we have any plans to pin this thread or it will be good if we can pin this, if we haven't done it yet :angry:.




Name: Karthik


Pets: At the moment 7 budgies


Favorite Color: Nothing in specific


Astrological Sign: Virgo


Age: 29


Weakness: forgetting time when with animals and being idealistic person


Strength: Determination, openness and straightforward


Favorite Animal: Dogs, budgies and rabbits


Live: India


How long have been a BBC member: Since Feb 2008

Edited by Karthik

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Guest kaylinsbudgies

Name: andrea


Pets: so far just sadie my guinea pig


Favorite Color: red


Astrological Sign: aquarius


Age: 36


Weakness: unorganized :(Laughing out loud):


Favorite Animal: all animals


Favorite T.V. Show: too many to remember


Live: canada


How long have been a BBC member:...: march 2008

Edited by kaylinsbudgies

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Name: Danielle


Pets: Opal the sky blue opaline


Favorite Color: pink


Astrological Sign: Cancer


Age: 21


Weakness: can be shy


Strength: very focused and determined when it comes to completeing what i want to do


Favorite Animal: so many but basically any type of parrot, especially budgies and cats would be my next favorite


Favorite T.V. Show: project runway, scrubs, and a lot of cartoons


Live: NY, USA


How long have been a BBC member:...: Joined may 5th 2005.... i just realized that is 5-5-05 ...kinda funny ... so about 3 years


Anything else?....im just finishing college and want to go on to vet school and become an avian vet... i also aspire to have my own avairy of budgies one day...and possibly have a bird rescue

Edited by Pika

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