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lil miss

Disgusted With What I Saw!

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Hi again,


Well I have had some progress with the budgie. This time the the couple have actually definitely split up. Apparently it is final this time.


He has acknowleged that the cage needs cleaning, but however he wants his ex to do it for him seeing as it was her bird. I have told him if it is too much of an effort to look after (which it seems to be), then I am happy to take the bird and give it a good home. He declined my offer, but he is keen to look after this bird from what I can see.


The current cage it is in, the one in the pics previously posted, is hard to clean, so he is actually going to buy it a new cage. Thank goodness!! I will be interested to see what happens with the bird. I hope it all goes okay.


Will update again when something happens...

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Guest mariah

ask her if you can feed her etc if you like.

she might say WATEVA translater-yes sure

in meantime try just re arranging the cage.

the enviroment is not good for the budgie

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Any news? I'm hoping the guy did "man up" after all...

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