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Found A Great Vet

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thanks to KAZ, who recommended I treat my new boy for scaly face, of course I had to take him to the vet. Lucky for me there is an Avian Vet about 5 mins away from me!

I took Wesley down and the vet looked him over and said yep, early scaly face so he showed me how to treat him and to do all the other birds.

So home I went and my hubby and I caught all 17 budgies, popped them in a cage then treated the 4 tiels. Only minor war wounds!

As we did the budgies one by one I gave them a check over while hubby held them and I noticed that my beautiful Violet had a HUGE lump near her preen gland.

So, into the travel box she went and back down to the vet who took me into his "secret room" where he had a look and decided feather cysts as she was too young for a tumour. So he pierced two and got all the yuck out, got me to do the third :fear and luckily the 4th fell off.

So all up I had seen the vet twice in the one day and the best thing was, he only charged me for the scaly face treatment!

What an absolutely top bloke and I feel so lucky to have him so close.


Just wanted you all to know that there definately are good people out there.



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That is awesome!!!! i wish there was an avian vet in SA who was like that.


great to hear it all went well. :fear

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I wish there was an avian vet near me in general let alone one like this!! Good for you, great find KAZ.

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He works here:

Bye Street Vet clinic

3 Bye St Wagga Wagga

NSW 2650 -

ph: (02) 6925 6222

which is also Vetafarm!

His name is Tony Gestier.

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