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Some Just Dont Get It

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Not a bad idea Kaz :D

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I, for one, am over there trying to provide good answers and better information than a lot that is currently being offered. This topic was not designed to ridicule the people asking the questions....it is meant to show that bad information is being offered out there and how we can possibly offer better advice through opening up some peoples eyes to these things.


I was kind of hoping to rally some "volunteers" from here to help put better info out there on the other site.


Yes, that is the purpose of this topic. And we have adopted a number of members from that site too and taken them under our wing. :D

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Its a kind of "rescue" service we offer :D

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Here are some more questions that need our experienced advice.


My female budgie is starting to get a bit big in the stomach but she is really drowsy what dose that mean??r=1?

Answer 1) could be getting overwieght and needs a birdie diet, or could have some eggs! the vet can tell you.


Can you answer this better?? ---> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_y...01184726AARdZDj



Why does my budgie eat so much? she eats the nuts all day and also the fruits and veggies. ALL DAY!?

Answer 1) obsessive compulsive? I had a budgie that used to throw his gravel out of it's cup and on to the floor.. until the cup was empty. He would have done it all day long, I got to the point I'd give him gravel for a little while every day. Does you budgie have toys? Might be a case of boredom too.


Answer 2) probably because she was starving. it also might be a good thing.


Can you answer this question better? ----> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_y...01073517AAHVBub





For you taming experts out there :)

Training 2 parakeets?

i need some help. i bought 2 parakeets at a local petsmart about three weeks ago, and i want to start training them. both birds are on the same cage and i want them together so please dont tell me to separate them. ive started hand feeding the birds millet spray so that they can start eating from my hand without them touching it. what are some easy ways to train both birds? i know its harder but id like to hear some suggestions. thank u!


No answers yet







My bird hit her head and she's making this weird high-pitch squaking noise and she's agressive!?!??!?

I just got back from getting my hair done and my brother told me that my pet parrot was squawking a ton and that usually means she's really hungry. He was putting the food dish in when she tried to sneak out the little door. She hit her head and fell off the cage. My brother said she fluttered to the ground so I'm not worried about that, but she did hit her head. Now she is on her food dish and she is being pretty aggressive. She makes a very high pitch squawk and tries to bite and backs away. She hasn't done that since about a month ago which was only a little while after we got her.


My question is, what should i do? I tried to calm her down but she just gets angry. Should I keep trying to get her out, or will she just calm down on her own if i leave her in there?


-thanks! :)


okay well my mom went and got her out (even though i asked her to wait..... -.-'), and she is sitting on my shoulder right now. But I would still like to know whether i should interact a lot with her or not. She's acting pretty normal except when i put my fingers near her. Should i show her i won't hurt her by petting her or just leave her be?


Answer 1) I think you visit a vet. Maybe she is hurt.

Answer 2) Yes you should show it a lot of love pet it make it think it is number one.When one of my parrots gets hurt they want to be held and love on.


Can you answer better? ---> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_y...31174344AApHCtJ




If i put a green male budgie with a white female budgie what colour well i get?


Answer 1) A simple Punnett square tells me that you have a 25% chance of getting white and a 75% chance of getting green.

Answer 2) more than likely green because it is more there natural color and it is dominate but you never know without past history of the parents etc. you could get blue just have to see

Answer 1) If they do not like each other, you'll get red, as in blood. Do not put 2 birds in the same cage until they are familiar, have played in a neutral area and are happy together.



Can you answer this question better? ---> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_y...01224432AA7KVGP

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Those are quite refreshing.

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My bird just laid eggs, only have one so shes on her menstrual cycle and..?

i know i need to feed her calcuim supplements or she may end up dying or having a shorter life, what foods are calcuim supplements and why is she sitting on them like theres babys inside? why does she think theres babys in her eggs?

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MY ANSWER Veronica..............if you believe birds have ,menstrual cycles then you havent a clue about breeding birds and you should stop what you are doing right now !!!!!


You have major gaps in your knowledge and its time to take a few steps backwards and do some study.




Alice Morgan

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actually the person above me is wrong, birds do have periods during the warm months. if your bird is laying eggs without a mate then she is on her menstrual cycle. her eggs won't be fertilzed though. its disappointing how a "bird expert" doesn't know this about birds.



currently has 10 birds, used to have more... professional vet

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your right!!!! a vet told me that my bird is on her menstrul cycle and that the eggs are infertle as well





and another




My parakeets nose is white?

My girl parakeet used to have a pink nose. As she was supose to. But today, I saw her nose. And it is very noticably white. What does this mean? Is she okay? Is she going to lay eggs? HELP QUICK!!!!


ANSWER yes, she is okay, it is okay for a female bird to change colours, some females, even change to blue, purple, light blue,

a female isn't going to lay eggs, unless she has mated with a male, or she is old enough to have period, but only a few has period.

if you see that she is losing feathers then she is probable molting.


bird owner of many birds includes parakeets or budgie or buderigar, lovebird, cockatiel

2 weeks ago



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Its irresponsible for anyone to advise putting a nestbox in cage at this point. A white cere ( not nose ) is a sign the bird is not in breeding condition and not healthy enough to be breeding. These are times you do NOT add a nestbox.

A female budgies cere will change colour on a cyclic basis through the year depending on her state of health, and if she is coming into or out of breeding condition.



****Birds do not have "periods" ! An owner of many birds should know this to be FACT.

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Reading all this just makes me very very sad. It makes you realize that there is absolutely no help for the human race and that our collective IQ is tumbling at an amazing rate.

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Are they for real !!! or just pulling everbody's leg to see what response they get? :unsure:

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Are they for real !!! or just pulling everbody's leg to see what response they get? :unsure:



This is real :D

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Surely they have been put on as a joke! People can't be that thick can they? Jeez!

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Surely they have been put on as a joke! People can't be that thick can they? Jeez!

No joke and yes people can be that thick

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I think the internet causes more problems than fixing them.

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agree with that Matt.

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So it's not the stupid f-wits USING the internet that are the problem then? That's wonderful to know and I don't feel so bad anymore ;)

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Try looking at the mental health section.

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QUOTE another warning about small birds when they lay eggs the egg can get stuck inside the female in that case you MUST take it to a vet ASAP or it will kill the bird but if you know what you are doing then you can attempt to get it out yourself using your finger UNQUOTE :rolleyes:

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Gosh some people are unbelievably stupid, birds have peridos, my ar*s# if a vet told you that, they are mental to what a load of c*ap, and the one depriving her budgie of water made my nearly cry how terrible

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omg how stupid can ppl be gosh


omg how stupid can ppl be gosh



cheack this


How long does it take finch eggs to hatch?

A house finch laid four eggs outside of my house, after nearly a month, the mother discarded one of the eggs (probably dead) and the others she left. Two nights ago she got in my house and flew into my ceiling fan, which killed her. I am now incubating the three eggs. With almost two months of development, and no sign of termination within the egg (for example, blood rings) how can I be sure the eggs aren't dead? Obviously, if the mother was still taking care of them they aren't dead, but how much longer will it take for them to hatch? Or should I just throw them out?



Bird Question?

So I am 13 and I really want a bird. I have two cats that are hunters and would definetly kill and eat the poor little thing. What should I do.



Where can i buy a pet elephant?


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Ikea sell them as flat packs...


but why would anyone want an elephant as a pet? and its not because their endangered imagine the size of the poop scoop and the vets bills!?


i get a kick out of this :D

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I know this ain't budgies but over the years I've heard some of my friends say these


Lipbalm is poisonous


I want 3 children one of each gender


And in yr3 we were watching a dinosaur video, when q&a time came one girl asked " was this really filmed in real life" my teacher and us laughed but the girl was serious. The teacher said " are you asking me whether they had video cameras 300 million years ago?"


She said yes.


Recently we studied astronomy. We had a test and one girl failed two questions


Describe the a) Sun and B ) moon in detail

HER ANSWER: they are both the same


Write your name below


Just name, not HER name, just name.


I wonder how these girls got into high school¿?¿?!¡!¡


Lol check this website




Funny huh?!

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:D :D :D
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that site is gold well some of it any way :D

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I personal love the one about what to call budgies feathers, in the first post.

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Cavemen are smarter than some of these people.


You only hope that afterwards they realize how stupid their question was, but I'm sure most don't... Lol

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Cavemen are smarter than some of these people.


You only hope that afterwards they realize how stupid their question was, but I'm sure most don't... Lol



omg cows are smarter

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Ugh, what's really sad, yesterday I was in the pet store and I start talking to a guy picking out bird toys.

He said his bird wasn't talking, so I replied, some just don't talk, so he then said that his bird would take a holiday if it didn't talk ( which probably meant that he'd give it away ).

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